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Do you have a business idea? A finance plan or an strategic one? But you don’t have the name that will give the personality to your product or service and bring it to the future clients. In this article we will tell you how to choose the name for your company.

“A good naming is made out of 20% of creativity,  80% of analysis and knowing of the brand”

Naming is not a matter of chance, behind all the names of the brands there is lot of hours of studies in order to choose the ideal name for the company that helps the company to be the lider

¿What kind of naming’s do exist?

 Before we guide you through how to choose your company name, we want you to know the different kinds of naming’s and the most popular ones.

  • Descriptive

Your name describes your brand and the customers know perfectly what do you sell and what do you do. Does Facebook sound you familiar?  Face / Book

  • Acronym

Sometimes the use of acronym is the natural evolution of the descriptive naming. The acronym become the new name of the company but shorter and with more identity. For example H&M (Hennes & Mauritz ) 

  • Abstract

They are made up words that only make sense in a long term period. This is a risky naming, but very strong if it does connect with the public. There is no competence that makes weak a good abstract name : Google

  • Suggestive

They refer to the sensations that the company’s products or services intend to transmit. A suggestive name quickly positions the brand and brings it closer to its audience. For example: Loewe.

How to choose the name of your company in 5 steps

 Now that you know all the different kinds of naming, is the moment to know how to choose a good one. Here some advices:


You can ask for help to your friends or family, if a lot of people suggest lot of ideas, very quickly some of them can be very interesting.

⏳Take your time

We already explained that choose the perfect name is not a matter of luck, you have to know that you are going to need time and patience. Don’t worry, when you find the correct one you will feel that the time you spent was more than worth it. Did the brainstorming gave you good ideas? Then is the moment to work with them.

?Analice deeply the ideas

Maybe the brainstorming and a good work after it gives you some good naming ideas. Do they define your business ideas? Are they coherent?  Easy to pronounce?  Do they sound  good ?


 Very important advice: Don’t be extremely happy before you make sure that the name you have chosen is available and you can register it for your business.

?Test it

You have found it! Now you have to test it, so write it down, listen to it, translate it and print it! ¡If you think is still perfect you have found it!


 “You have to learn the rules of the game and then you have to play it better than anyone else”

Albert Einstein


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