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Nowadays, companies look for creating products and offering services that are different from those of their competitors, always trying to stand out for their innovative character. Thus, developing the creativity of employees to make projects unique is a challenge present in the labor landscape of the 21st century. Getting your team to have creative ideas is something that any boss wants for his company. Therefore, we offer you 4 tips in this post to know how to promote creativity in companies. Are you ready to take a 180º turn to your way of working? Keep reading!

1. Use techniques to generate ideas

In the same way, it is highly recommended to use creativity techniques to generate ideas in your company. It can be done in a very simple way: Setting up meetings with workers periodically and putting into practice a creative technique through  group dynamics;  make it possible for participants to show their opinions and give feedback to the ideas of their colleagues; Make a final conclusion with the most relevant aspects in order to improve daily work and make it more creative.

During meetings, make it possible for the participants to show their opinions and give feedback of the ideas of their colleagues

2. Leave time to think

Something as simple as thinking is one of the most forgotten tasks in companies. The maelstrom of the daily routine and the immediacy of work, in many occasions, prevent the worker from making a stop along the way to spend some time thinking about how to achieve the established objectives at a business level. However, an essential step to be clear about how to promote creativity in companies is to offer the worker the possibility of having time to think and develop new ideas that empower the business. It may seem silly but if the employee has 8 working hours a day and they are fully occupied with tasks, he will not have time to devise new lines of action.

3. Encourage conversation

Many times the best ideas come at the least unexpected moment. And it is that inspiration must always find you working. Therefore, as chief, we invite you to organize talks, colloquies or afterwork meetings so that workers have the opportunity to exchange impressions in a more relaxed environment than within the four walls of the office.From Lexington, we propose these places to do afterwork and create a good environment for creative ideas to be born. propose these places to do afterwork and create a good environment to have creative ideas. 

4. Listen to your employees

To complete our list of tips that will allow you to develop creativity in your company, we cannot forget to point out the importance of active listening to employees. Listening to their opinions, points of view about an issue and new ideas is essential so that the employee sees that the company trusts him and that it is a very important pillar for the development of the business. In this way, the worker will feel he is an important part and will take as a routine to look for new creative approaches to make the company different from its competitors. 

In conclusion,  thanks to these 4 tips, boosting creativity in your company will no longer be an impossible challenge. Remember that creativity has no limits and creating a perfect scenario where workers can develop themselves depends, largely, on you.

Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it 

Salvador Dali

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