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By using the Internet as a massive tool for communication all around the globe, many companies, no matter their type or size, have been able to surpass physical borders. The eagerness for taking any business opportunity has made some companies and entrepreneurs to invest in e-commerce, while some others have started offering easily exportable services and products.La implantación de internet como herramienta básica de comunicación ha contribuido a la eliminación de las fronteras para empresas de la más diversa naturaleza y tamaño que operan en todo el mundo. La inquietud por aprovechar las oportunidades de negocio que se les presentan, han llevado a numerosos emprendedores y pymes a apostar por la internacionalización a través de comercio electrónico o de la oferta de productos y servicios fácilmente exportables. L’ implantació d’ Internet com a eina bàsica de comunicació ha contribuït a l’eliminació de fronteres per a empreses, de la més diversa natura i mida, que operen a tot el món. L’ inquietud per aprofitar les oportunitats de negoci que es presenten, han portat a nombrosos emprenedors i PYMES a apostar per la internacionalització a través del comerç electrònic o de l’oferta de productes i serveis fàcilment exportables.ICEX (Foreign Trade Chamber of Spain) points out that Spanish companies are increasingly investing in foreign markets in spite of the effort required to reach international customers. On the other hand, that expansion will provide the corporations with new opportunities for development.A wise way to minimize the necessary costs to obtain international scope is to count on suitable locations where to hold meetings both in Spain and abroad. These revenues should be highly professional, but they also have to be full equipped so as to guarantee the achievement of any business deal.In Lexington we are well aware of the importance of having a reliable international presence, so we have increased our working space-offer by adding an international private network called Locartis, which provides with offices and meeting spaces in 200 cities and 15 countries.Locartis was founded in 2000, and now it gathers some of the most efficient business centres all over the world, equipped with the latest technologies and placed at strategic locations in the main cities. In addition, in order to materialize our customers requirements, our sales team is ready to manage any demand at any time. Besides (an this is a recent improvement in business centres sector), an international expert will support and coordinate any corporate agreements that may need to be consulted. For all these reasons, Locartis has become a global reference.So, if you are thinking of developing your business in a foreign country, or in establishing a new branch, Locartis can be the perfect allied. Do not hesitate, and contact us if you need advice on this matter.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”. Henry Ford

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