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Marina Guerra

Organizing conferences is a very common practice in the business world. However, planning in-person events also brings complications, whether it’s due to time constraints, costs, or location. But don’t worry, we have a solution: the virtual conference.

Our article in today’s #LexingtonMagazine will discuss this new hybrid method for organizing events, as well as everything you need to know to successfully organize an online conference.


Meaning and relevance of virtual conferences

The virtual conference is an alternative to in-person conferences that, in addition to having some advantages such as cost savings, time and geographical flexibility, includes others such as:

  • Increased attendance
  • Promotion of conference dissemination
  • Access to a wider range of users

Virtual conferences bring together like-minded individuals in one place for a set period to advance an objective, explore an idea, or develop a project. And when organized well, they can yield incredible results!

The importance of organizing an online conference within a marketing strategy

Organizing a virtual conference is also a powerful marketing strategy. It allows companies and organizations to position themselves as leaders in their fields, establish connections with global audiences, and strengthen brand image. The more specialized your company is, the more interesting topics you can propose for your conference. What are you waiting for to prepare it?

Types of conferences

Virtual conferences cover a wide variety of topics and formats, from academic and scientific events to international conferences and trade fairs. The limit is set by you!

Benefits of organizing a virtual conference

Let’s take a closer look at some benefits that a virtual conference can bring to your company:

  1. Enhancement of Brand Image: A virtual conference is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the brand image of the company or organization. If you manage to convey a professional and quality image, you can capture the attention and trust of participants.
  2. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Virtual conferences expand networking opportunities by eliminating geographical barriers. Participants can connect with experts and potential partners from around the world, fostering the exchange of ideas and creating new business opportunities.
  3. Global Reach and Accessibility: These events have a global reach and are accessible to people from anywhere in the world. This facilitates the participation of international audiences and ensures greater diversity of perspectives and knowledge at the event.


Preparations for hosting an online conference

You know that technologies can sometimes be tricky, so if you want to successfully organize a meeting outside the office, perfect planning is necessary. Here are some key steps to adequately prepare:

Definition of objectives and themes

Before starting with the conference planning, answer these questions:

  • What is the main purpose of the event?
  • Is it to educate, inspire, establish networking opportunities, or promote products/services?

Defining these objectives will help guide all subsequent decisions. Additionally, it’s important to determine the themes that will be addressed during the conference.

Choose a well-equipped room

Keep in mind that you need a stable network to ensure that the connection takes place without any issues. If you feel that your home is not well-equipped, you can rent a meeting room by the hour. Typically, this service not only offers you a space prepared to organize an online conference but also provides you with the possibility to customize your demands according to your needs. For example, providing catering, offering technical support, and giving you the choice between various locations and types of rooms.

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Lexington’s flexible spaces feature adaptable meeting rooms located in the best areas of Madrid and Barcelona. You can choose from a wide range of perfectly equipped rooms of different sizes in any of our centers. Additionally, you can book your meeting room by the hour to organize other types of events such as training sessions or showrooms. And of course, with a great team at your disposal!

Identification of the target audience

Knowing who the conference is aimed at is a must. The more you know about the profile of the attendees, the more attention you’ll pay to their needs, and the more satisfied they’ll be. If you’re still unsure, these questions will help you identify them:

  • Who are the people expected to attend?
  • Are they professionals from a specific sector, students, entrepreneurs, or opinion leaders?

Establish a budget and resources

Whether you organize the virtual conference from your home or rent a meeting room by the hour, it’s necessary to establish a budget that covers expenses associated with technology and video conferencing software, speaker fees, marketing and promotion strategy, technical support, among others.

TIP: In addition to the financial budget, it’s also important to consider the human resources needed to organize and carry out the event.

Platforms and technological tools

In a way, the success of your virtual conference will depend on the platform you choose to host it. You’ll need to select software that fits the type of event you have in mind and is accessible to all participants.

Here’s a list of features that virtual conference software can offer:

  • Live streaming
  • Video conferencing functions
  • Discussion forums
  • Member profiles
  • Groups and team collaboration spaces
  • Sponsor booths
  • Chat and messaging
  • Options for text and video content
  • Pre-recording functions
  • Payment and package options

You may not need a platform that has all of these features, but now that you know what functionalities are available, choose those that fit the type of event you’ve planned.

Ready to organize your own virtual conference? We can help! Fill out the form if you need a space that ensures the success of your online conference. 😉⬇️


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