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Ester Maicas

They say the important thing is one’s company, and we agree! Circles of trust are also vital in business in order to find new opportunities, new markets and to develop your professional career. Grow, tend and strengthen your professional network should be one of your firsts New Year’s resolutions. Wanna learn more?

What is a professional network for a company?

Quoting the Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy and his six degrees of separation concept, we are all six or fewer social connections away from each other, meaning that a chain of “friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect you with Brad Pitt, Barak Obama or Taylor Swift in a maximum of six steps. Globalization and social media brought us even closer to one another.

It is precisely that social network surrounding your company, with direct and indirect connections (customers, partners, suppliers and their own acquaintances, to whom we can reach easily), the one who will be able to provide you with endless opportunities, valuable feedback, growth and brand-new ideas.

Clearly, as indispensable as your family and close friends are for your personal and social network, your clients, partners, collaborators and suppliers are essential for your professional one! They have always been people outside your company who could add never-ending value!

Benefits of consolidating your professional network

The way a solid and properly-structured professional network could support your business you will not be able to find any other way. In fact, a great professional network is usually formed by people related in some way with your field of work, capable of giving you an informed opinion on new opportunities, new markets, new processes…

Experts on the matter

As stated before, a big percentage of your professional network will be established by people close to your business activity, being other professionals, suppliers, consultants… And, although as experts on your company as you positively are, relying on different points of view can also be truly enriching.

Besides, you must have eyes and ears everywhere, just in case, and those contacts could become the perfect allies for you. 

Company associations are a great start!

There (must be) a plan B

A great professional network will open endless doors, windows and even drawers to meet better qualified suppliers, available if yours fail, to create synergies with other companies related to your activity that add value, or even find new investors.

Under the spotlight

Word of mouth is the best advertising for your company, project or new line of business, and there is no better ambassador that someone from your company’s inner circle. Maintaining your professional network enough nurtured, updated and taken care of will make you the heart of every conversation.

Know your audience (and your rivals)

This professional network you’ll be surrounded by every day, besides providing you with such opportunities we have already mentioned, will also give you a wider and broader vision of your audience, their needs and even your main competitors.

Knowing when, how and why your competitors succeeded or needed to change their processes to survive could potentially save your life.

Cross growth

Operations are covered, and solidifying your professional network will also help you boost your own career on a more personal side. Social skills, public speaking, adaptation and action methodologies…

How to build your company’s professional network

Once we have established that your professional network is indeed very important for your company’s success, don’t think we’ll leave you hanging! Interprofessional relationships are now more institutionalised than ever, becoming another asset in your portfolio. That’s why we can share today some infallible methods to make your professional network grow and thrive.


The business relationships Holy Grail and the most important formula in this whole process: networking.

Networking is the practice run by people in business to grow their professional network. This card and phone number exchange traditionally took place in specific events, cocktails and conferences over a cup of coffee. Globalisation has expanded networking to online platforms.

If you want your networking strategy to be a success (and avoid rookie mistakes, for sure), don’t forget to draw a calendar with the most important events of the season, organise the team attending or the targets you’ll be aiming to. What if we told you that you must be a mastermind?

Social media

LinkedIn has become more and more popular in social media strategies for companies, so its functionalities are indispensable today to maintain your professional network. If fact, this online professional network you are creating is highly valued, enough to reach the onsite network. You know what they say, if you don’t post it… it might as well not exist!

Some dynamics you’ll want to include in your yearly strategy:

  • Personalise your communications: a simple “I’d like to add you to my network” will not cause the best first impression, let’s face it. Address your new-connection-to-be by name and find some common ground, so they know they are valuable for you.
  • Keep the best energy up: celebrate your contacts’ milestones, spread some likes and comments and start a conversation will bring you all closer together. Your reputation would never be better!
  • Become influencers: your voice and your company’s are pure gold, and we know you have so much to share… Creating valuable content and staying up to date with the lates news on your field (and yours, of course!) can boost your company’s recognition as a market reference and a great and trustworthy communicator. This is your ultimate online goal!

Besides the best company for such experience as entrepreneurship is, your professional network will create personal and professional synergies for your own benefit and will allow you to feel constantly supported by those you trust the most. You’ll love networking in the end, mark our words!

‘If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together’


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