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No company who truly wants to stand out as the best in their field and among their employees can be stuck in the past, and that’s why we continue sharing new ways of working, of creating and organising teams and of understanding workspaces in our Lexington Magazine. One of the most outstanding trends in business nowadays, because of all the positive feedback it receives from teams and CEOs, is the collaborative environment.

What is a collaborative environment in business?

We are positive it sounds familiar already, doesn’t it? A collaborative environment is an ecosystem where professionals from different departments, backgrounds, upbringings and educations, even positions within the company, create a team and work towards the same goal. In this collaborative environment there are no hierarchies and all points of view, ideas and opinions are treated equally.

Even though it may seem simple, creating a collaborative environment in your company has many perks and benefits, but it requires thorough planning. Undoubtedly, this working trend is the best way to enrich new projects and make the working atmosphere much much better.

What does your company need to inspire collaborative working?

As we said, exhaustive planning! This collaborative formula is pretty much compatible with every project you have in mind, and also with all organizational structures within a company, and that’s the main reason your team will have to face the implementation of this working model well focused and in detail. We made a list with some key points you will have to check before taking action!

Build the perfect team

Avoid big crowds and focus on versatility. The fewer, the better! Make them just big enough to ensure diversity and that each and every member has the same opportunities to share their perspective than the rest. Let’s put everybody in the front row! If you need further info on how to create efficient teams, you cannot miss this article on the matter, written by our HR expert.

Assign different roles

Yes, you read correctly. Collaborative environments erase hierarchies and power lines, but every team needs some level of internal organization to function correctly. It’s your job to assign different responsibilities once the team is created, always considering where and doing what each member feels more comfortable, forgetting their previous roles in the company. Doing it all from scratch is key!

Promote accesibility

In order to truly put every team member on the same level (and for them to feel like so), giving them access to the same information and resources needed for the project is highly recommended. Besides boosting creativity, it will also push commitment, motivation and internal communication.

And feedback

Keep in mind that, for team working models such as this collaborative environment to properly work, feedback must be encouraged, free and open for everybody inside and outside the team. Drawing lines can become a huge burden for creativity, productivity and ambition. An open mind and constructive criticism, two keys for success!

Of course, look for the best fit workspace-wise

A collaborative environment is nothing without, precisely, a physical environment able to embrace teamwork. The space chosen for these groups of professionals will be in charge of inspiring them, of making them connect with one another (those at the office and those work remotely), and to provide them with the resources, technology and versatility they need throughout the day.

Can we tell you a secret? There is no better place for teamwork than flexible workspaces such as Lexington’s. By combining open-space offices with all-size meeting rooms, WOW common areas to take a break or to connect again, your team will have access to the perfect space without a large up-front investment.

Come on, don’t think about it anymore. We know you are curious about this collaborative environment idea, right? Contact our team now so we can start working on your collaborative workspace right away!

Perks of business collaborative environments

We think it’s crystal clear now that collaborative environments will bring both your company and team countless benefits.

Besides giving a boost to your team’s productivity and encourage teamwork, which are the basics, collaborative working will strengthen their feeling of belonging in the company and their commitment to it, also making everybody bond more intensely.

Looking at the more personal side, being part of a collaborative team will help the employee improve skills such as quickly answer to unexpected problems and open their minds to outside perspectives. Besides, since most employees moved to the new home office and started working remotely from their living rooms, loneliness at work has become an issue and a huge handicap for your team’s professional growth. Make every day more dynamic and energetic with this collaborative environment formula, create new interdepartmental relationships and help your employees broaden their social contacts and support co-workers within the company.

Put together cooperative groups for your next project this year and enjoy long-term benefits too: the collaborative environment is a great opportunity to discover those rough diamonds in your team, with maybe dormant colossal talent, but waiting for their opportunity. Who knows? You may find your next top Project Manager!

Our collaborative coworking

 We have established that the space is a decisive factor for these collaborative environments to succeed, right? At the end of the day, it’s the “environment” of “collaborative environment” (pun totally intended).

Lexington flexible workspaces are the perfect frame for this formula to give your company the best results: having a personalised office space in Madrid or Barcelona, with customised working hubs for each working team, private meeting rooms, or those you can rent by the hour, and so many more multi-use areas for this groups that gather together different people from different backgrounds to have their needs covered. As we all expected, conventional office spaces as we knew them, rigid and with little to none adaptative capacity, would never do, nor meet your company’s expectations. That’s why flexible workspaces or Lexington’s coworking are the ideal workplace solution for companies currently walking this success path!

So, are you one of those companies looking for standing out in their field and whose main purpose has always been your team’s wellbeing then or not? 😉

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford.


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