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Being a succesful businessman has a lot to do with knowing and mastering the most important negotiation techniques with customers, which will help you to get the perfect balance between what you hope to achieve and what you are willing to give with the aim of making profits.

 “A good negotiator knows how to place himself in the customers’ position”

Getting the winning strategy can take hours of practice and preparation but it is essential that the negotiator knows some of the most important details such as the best moment to negotiate or the techniques you have to master to face the process with good expectations.

Negotiating techniques with customers

Mastering these techniques will make the negotiations simpler so the successful agreement will be nearer than expected.1. Pay attention to preparationThe first technique and the most important one is related to the work prior to the negotiation as every successful agreement should have a previous research about the client and where his business is. Having full understanding of the other part makes the negotiatior know how far he can go and how much he can grant.

2. Feel comfortable with the initial offer

What are you negotiating about? It is important to make a clear introduction which informs both parts about the main aspects than can be relevant. Having widely studied this proposal and dominating the matter will help the negotiator to feel comfortable and talk as if the agreement was already reached.

3. Discuss politely

During the conversation and the exchange of views about the initial offer, the negotiator must feel confident about it but he should also be objective with the ideas the customer puts forward. Listening and discussing showing a polite and respectful attitude is the key to transmit trust in his arguments and to close a deal in a successful way.

4. Recognize the signs

One of the most important negotiation techniques has a lot to do with recognizing the signs the client sends and the negotiator should get to take the conversation to one or other place, so he must keep calm and pay attention to these nods that will make the balance fall in favor of his offer.

5. Give in

The negotiator must observe his strengths and weaknesses and also recognize them in the client in order to take advantage of all the signs. This way, it is important to give in at some point of the negotiation to make the client see that you are willing to reach a suitable agreement for both parts.

6. Close the deal

The purpose of negotiation techniques with customers is to reach an agreeement, a firm deal which satisfies both parts, so a good negotiator should never give up. Everything can be negotiated, you only have to show initiative and be patient enough.Remember: Respectful attitude, signs and strengths recognition of the initial offer.

 “Diplomacy is the art of making people happy doing the things you suggest”

Dale Carnegie


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