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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

We have got this far, and after these months in which the lives of both employees and companies changed overnight, it is now time to start living this new normality. A new future is open ahead of us, full of new ways of working that are committed to our safety and good health.

In Lexington, as part of the flexible workspaces sector, we want to go over a few new ways of working that have definitely come to stay:

New scenarios for enterprises: it’s time to adapt!

Many enterprises have found their everyday routines turned upside down, so they have come to the realisation that new ways of working are, indeed, necessary: they are safer, more flexible and more efficient.

If your company does not have a suitable workspace for this new normality, if you need to reorganize your team for them to balance between teleworking from home and on-site working… you find yourself in one of the most usual scenarios nowadays.

From Lexington, we work for you to be able to deal with these circumstances and to offer you a trustable solution through our tailor-made services, flex spaces and all our safety measures. In short, our flexible spaces are meant to be your company’s best ally.

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New ways of working, transforming the way you work: flexibility and productivity

Some of these scenarios are provoking readjustments on every level within your company, are they not? That is why new ways of working have emerged. We may have heard of them, we know about them, but we definitely had never put them into practice. Now, they are essential to our routine:

Team division:

Have you ever heard something like divide and rule? It has some extra value now! Bigger teams can be divided into smaller groups, depending on their duties or their types of clients. Communication will be easier and, this way, we avoid big crowds in our meetings.

Blended working:

This concept describes a balance between teleworking from home and on-site working at the office. Besides, every flexible recipe for your employees will give them extra motivation. Blended working is a must for your company from now on!

In Lexington, our offices follow the mantra of “blended working”, so we can offer 100% customised spaces that will allow you to combine teleworking and on-site working at the office. Our blended office solution is the perfect way to implement this flexible model of working with every guarantee of productivity and safety (thanks to the #SafeReturnToLexington plan). Not only that, but we also have Day Passes, so you and your employees can come to our workspaces only if you need to. All completely flexible and at your own private space.

Virtual office:

This model is very useful for this new era. It brings you the best locations where you can register your company’s address, although you and your employees are settled somewhere else. Plus, you can count on a nerve centre available for you to come when you have a more important meeting with a client, for example.


COVID-19 has been a litmus test for many enterprises. Even though remote working has made continuing with their job possible, rejection towards it is still a thing. Be sure this new way of working has come to stay, but in most cases, blended working will be the model of choice.

Formative videoconferencing:

Being present has always been a decisive factor while talking about meeting and training areas. This new normality has come and changed everything, and meeting rooms are now recording studios and online training spaces from which it is possible to share knowledge and events with the world.

Meeting rooms as ours here in Lexington have become soundproof spaces where you can give online training sessions and presentations. A new way of working translated into a huge opportunity for those working in the learning sector.

Give a boost to your company’s new ways of working: safety and new routines

Our work routines will also have to change dramatically. We must focus on some aspects so we can maintain our usual productivity, and even increase it! All of it while securing our staff’s safety. Here you can find some recommendations to make your company’s adaptation easier:

➳ Draft your routine: this new concept of routine includes organising each employee’s time and order of entry, meeting protocols of action, a new way of working and of handling the office devices we use every day. Outdoors and periodic breaks (within keeping 2 metres away from others) should also be considered. Take a look to the options provided by flexiworking and intensive working in order to avoid lunch breaks!

➳ Make everybody feel safe: Coming to the office is impossible if safety is not assured. Daily cleaning and disinfection activities are still necessary, and also putting up sings among safe areas such as stickers or informative posters.

➳ Better listening, better attention: being a leader means knowing the needs of your company and your employees. As CEO or Manager, you must pay attention to people in your charge, knowing what they are going through, how these months have been for them, their needs… in short, you must work to erase any obstacle they may have coming back to this new normality.

This moment is key, and it is essential to foresee the upcoming situations and to be aware of the importance of adapting to those. In that sense, flexible offices and workspaces assume greater importance, because of their inherent characteristic of being adaptable to these particular scenarios and to every requirement your company or you, as a professional, may have. Post-coronavirus offices have come to stay. They are key to harmonize teleworking and on-site working at the office.

“The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.”

Martha Stewart.


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