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The year begins, and it’s time to organize clients meetings; the choice of the venue can make the difference between a standard encounter and a unique experience. If you’re looking for something different to impress your team, you can’t miss this article with the 4 ultimate tips for successfully organizing meetings outside the office. 💎


Tip 1: Choose a premium area for client meetings

Selecting a premium location for client meetings can make a difference in the impression you make and the effectiveness of your meetings. Madrid, besides being the capital of financial operations, also offers a variety of exclusive options for this purpose. If you’re looking for the best meeting rooms in Madrid, consider these aspects:

Opt to rent a meeting room in a flexible workspace or coworking space

Consider renting a meeting room in a flexible workspace or coworking space, as it offers additional advantages. For instance, the option to book by the hour or day provides the flexibility you need, avoiding unnecessary expenses. Moreover, you’ll have ongoing support for any issues that may arise, and you can interact with your colleagues and unwind during breaks in impressive common spaces.

Choose a meeting room that is easily accessible by metro or has parking facilities

If you’re concerned about participants arriving late, what better choice than opting for a central location with good transportation connections? Keep in mind that many of your guests may come directly from the airport, not have their own transportation, or simply be unfamiliar with the city. To avoid setbacks, the best option would be to choose a meeting room located in a strategic area.

BONUS TRACK: In Lexington’s flexible spaces, we offer meeting room services that, in addition to having an excellent location, come with the advantage of available parking, close proximity to public transportation, or being situated near hotels, restaurants, and entertainment areas perfect for a business trip.

Notify about the location well in advance to allow for proper organization

In life, there are two types of people: those who need a calendar for their lives and those who simply go with the flow. If we want to be respectful of the former, who are usually the majority, a fundamental key to successfully organizing meetings is to provide them with all the necessary information well in advance, and this includes the detailed location of the meeting place. Ensure to send a clear and comprehensive invitation that includes the exact address, as well as any additional details that may be relevant, such as parking instructions or building access.

If the meeting is virtual, provide the video call link in advance and any technical information necessary to ensure a smooth connection. According to YouCanBookMe, Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. is the ideal time for a virtual meeting. Apparently, Monday morning is the worst time; what do you think?


TIP 2: Ensure that the meeting room is fully equipped for your meeting’s objectives

When it comes to organizing a successful meeting, the technological infrastructure and amenities of the meeting room play a crucial role. In this regard, you need to make sure that the room is fully equipped for the objectives of your meeting. Here are two key aspects to consider:

Rooms with video conferencing, projectors, screens

In today’s digital era, video conferencing has become an essential tool for connecting teams located in different parts of the world. Make sure to choose the meeting room wisely so that it is equipped with high-quality video conferencing technology. Verify that cameras and microphones are functioning correctly to ensure clear and uninterrupted communication.

Additionally, ensure that the room has projectors and screens. These devices are crucial for visual presentations. It’s important that the projection system is up-to-date and compatible with different devices to facilitate the efficient presentation of visual materials.

Lexington Castellana 79 – Sala Acadia


Rooms with soundproofing

The soundproofing of the meeting room is often overlooked but is crucial for maintaining a productive environment. Ensure that the room is designed or equipped with materials that minimize external noise. Soundproof doors and windows, absorbent carpets, and padded walls are options that can contribute to creating a quieter environment conducive to concentration.


TIP 3: Organize the timing of your meeting to avoid being left unfinished

When planning a meeting, time management is crucial to ensure that all important aspects are effectively addressed and that participants feel valued in their daily commitments. In this article, we share some secrets for making your client meetings effective. Undoubtedly, experience has taught us these valuable tips that we apply in each and every meeting we organize (and they culminate in success!):

Allow for delays when starting the meeting

There’s always, always, always someone who arrives late at the scheduled time, and if you haven’t seen them yet, it might be because you’re the one running late 😉. Tight schedules, traffic, and unexpected emergencies are common, and there’s no exception for anyone. That’s why it’s crucial to build in a small time margin at the beginning of the meeting for possible delays.

When planning, set a “flexible” start time that allows participants to arrive and prepare without feeling rushed. This approach not only reduces initial stress but also shows consideration for those who may face logistical challenges in joining the meeting on time.

Leave time after the meeting for questions and possible unforeseen issues

Meetings are often crucial moments for discussing ideas, making decisions, and solving problems. However, it is equally important to recognize that sometimes additional questions or unforeseen issues arise after the meeting formally concludes. To address this situation, reserve time at the end of the meeting for questions, comments, and possible issues that were not addressed during the main session.

This practice not only encourages a more comprehensive understanding of the topics discussed but also demonstrates your commitment to open and transparent communication. By implementing these tips, you’ll be creating a more flexible and adaptive meeting environment, making your client meetings a resounding success.


TIP 4: Small details make a difference in the success of your meeting

Beyond carefully planned logistical aspects, there’s something that always makes a difference: the small details. 💫

Treat your clients with catering and water

  • Impress your clients by offering a small lunch or coffee and providing water at each seat (preferably purified and in glass bottles), creating a comfortable experience and showcasing your commitment to their well-being.

Sufficient space for all guests

  • Adjust the room layout to ensure comfort and space for each attendee, allowing for interaction without feeling crowded.
  • Consider the ergonomics of the furniture to create a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

Number of attendees, in-person and remote presence

  • Confirm the exact number of participants in advance, ensuring you have the technical capacity for remote participation. • Establish an efficient communication system to ensure active participation from everyone, regardless of their location.

Leave at least one slot for last-minute guests

  • Reserve additional space in the setup to accommodate potential last-minute guests, demonstrating flexibility and hospitality.
  • Communicate the availability for last-minute participation to encourage the inclusion of all interested parties.
  • Have a contingency plan to handle last-minute changes, ensuring the meeting flows smoothly.

Organize your meeting successfully with Lexington

Undoubtedly, flexible and powerful meeting rooms in the best locations, coupled with an exceptional team to make your life easier, are always favorites in the betting, and that’s why our meeting room rentals in Madrid and our meeting rooms in Barcelona are (as we’ve said many times) potentially perfect for your meetings. Get in touch with us now and schedule a visit. You can come with your checklist prepared, and you’ll see that with your vision and the experience of flexible spaces like those at Lexington, we’ll find the best room for your client meetings! 👇🏼


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