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Offering a good service and/or product in each moment, keeping an excellent customer care and knowing how to motivate your employees are some of the key points for the success of a company. However, great part of the project management activities takes place during meetings; therefore it is necessary to pay more attention in these events, as the acquisition and consolidation of new clients could depend on them, as well as an effective sale, the corporate image building and other commercial agreements.

It is necessary to pay more attention to the functioning of your meetings, as the success of your company heavily depends on them

In order to accomplish the objectives of both parts, we suggest the following business tips:1. Plan, research and organizeCare about knowing the client you are going to meet, plan all the details that may arise during the meeting and show an empathic and organisational attitude.2. Take part: Be the leading voiceRule the conversation from the beginning, but avoid monologues, and always try to convey trust as the success of the meeting will heavily depend on your attitude.3. The place: Appearances do matterThe place where meetings are held should be welcoming, unique and personal. Attract the client’s attention and make him feel comfortable in a flexible environment which adapts to the rhythms of his company.Both if you are a freelance, work from home or you just need a space adapted to the needs of the situation, renting meeting spaces is the best option as they have all the technical elements and special support for that moment.4. Contribute with conclusions and generate a feasible compromiseThe objective of every meeting is agreeing on proposals and carrying out them, so finish with a professional compromise which leads to the preparation of a clear, direct and concise one.

Face to face communication is still very important, however knowing how to use new technologies and scheduling videoconference meetings is more practical, economical and effective if your client is far. Lexington workspaces offer this service because we think our clients should have spaces equipped with advanced technology and with completely flexible solutions also adapted to the specific requirements and needs of their business.

Knowing how to take advantage of a technological environment such as videoconference meetings is more practical, economical and effective for the company and its employees

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford


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