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Informal setting to close a business deal

Doing business in the capital is no easy task, and there are many factors that contribute to making it a successful experience. The first is attire, which can range from an elegant dress with a blazer, an impeccable suit with a tie, or another type of more casual outfit that fits the tone of your meeting. The second is the power of conversation – after all, aren’t you good at “elevator pitches”? And last but not least, the perfect meeting place, such as a good restaurant.

Because there is life beyond Madrid, and we want you to take your meetings to another level, today’s article will recommend 8 restaurants in La Moraleja to hit the mark with your business operations. Here we go! 🍽️


Restaurants in La Moraleja for Business Meetings 

1. A’Kangas by Urrechu


Attention, meat lovers! 🥩 Grupo Urrechu brings a very enticing option to La Moraleja. You can enjoy high-quality meat in a spacious and well-decorated dining room with views of a terrace surrounded by nature.

Reviews and highlights

It’s clear that the highlight of A’Kangas by Urrechu is the meat. Lexington recommends:

For starters, tuna sashimi, potato salad, steak tartare, or scallops. As a main course, ox or Asturian Xata Roxa beef steaks. For dessert, the mascarpone cheese and red berries tart.

📍 Calle Estafeta, 4

2. 99 sushi bar 


Who doesn’t love a good high-end Japanese restaurant? 🍣 The Michelin Guide has not hesitated to include this incredible restaurant in La Moraleja. 99 Sushi Bar not only captivates us with its avant-garde cuisine but also with its understated and minimalist atmosphere.

Reviews and highlights

The pleasant environment in which it is located is ideal for negotiations. Additionally, it catches the eye with its bar, allowing you to observe the sushi chef at work, and the waterfall curtain behind him. You cannot leave 99 Sushi Bar without trying these two dishes:

  • Tiger Prawn Tempura.
  • Wagyu Rib.

📍 Urb, Calle de la Estafeta, 2

3. A Brasa 


Grilled cuisine has never gone out of style, and things made with care are bound to be a success. 👨🏻‍🍳 A Brasa has all that and more. It features a warm wooden decor and a glass-covered terrace, perfect for business meetings.

Reviews and highlights

A Brasa’s menu is extensive and stands out for its high-quality ingredients. Moreover, its excellent location makes parking easy. There is a public parking lot just around the corner or the nearest metro station, Ronda de la Comunicación, is about a 10-minute walk away. To make your business meeting a success, don’t hesitate to recommend:L

  • Grilled fish.
  • Txistorra de Arbizu as an appetizer.
  • Idiazábal cheese fritters with apple jam.

📍 Plaza de La Moraleja, C. de la Estafeta, 2 

4. La Penela 


La Penela is a classic in La Moraleja and an expert in Galician cuisine. 🦀 The establishment is known for its sophisticated service and reasonable prices. Undoubtedly, it is the choice of many business professionals to enjoy a good meal and a pleasant time.

Reviews and highlights

The portions are generous, and the products are of very high quality. They have two terraces, one covered for winter with views of nature. Undoubtedly, a great success.

At Lexington, we always come back, and we know what we like, so we recommend:

  • Betanzos-style omelet.
  • Their famous roast meat.
  • Hot filloas for dessert.

📍 Calle Estafeta, Plaza de la Fuente, 2

5. Illunbe 


Illunbe is a restaurant led by the Basque chef José Ángel Aguinaga, considered by many as the best grill master in Spain. 👨🏻‍🍳 Obviously, that alone would be reason enough to go, but the quality of its menu and the decor of its spaces deserve a few more lines.

Reviews and highlights

This restaurant is ideal for business operations as they offer two daily menus, one exclusive and more formal for these occasions. Don’t miss out on tasting these great dishes:

  • The best ‘laing’ in Alcobendas.
  • Hake or halibut.
  • Cheesecake to finish on a high note.

📍 Av. de Bruselas, 9


Restaurants in La Moraleja, private areas or common spaces

Are you looking to have your meeting outdoors, in a common area, or in a private space? Here are three restaurants in La Moraleja where you can enjoy all these advantages:

1. Txoko 


A restaurant with a fantastic ambiance and terrace, ideal for formal contexts, after-work gatherings, or celebrations in the city of Alcobendas. 🍃 It offers a generous and varied menu. Txoko is the trendy restaurant in the area, so don’t forget to make a reservation!

Reseñas y puntos fuertes

If you’re in the mood for vegetarian cuisine or your associates don’t eat meat, Txoko is the perfect place. Additionally, you can use your restaurant vouchers. If the weather is nice, don’t forget to reserve a spot on the terrace! We recommend trying:

  • Grilled tuna.
  • Carabinero ravioli.
  • Morel mushrooms.

📍 Av. de Bruselas, 39

 2. La máquina


Not to be missed on the list is La Máquina, a pioneering and iconic restaurant in La Moraleja. This space is characterized by its chic atmosphere and offers an extensive Mediterranean menu, with a particular emphasis on its rice dishes and seafood. 🥘

Reviews and highlights

Everything in this restaurant is designed to make your experience phenomenal. A definite plus is that you can enjoy their outdoor areas, perfect for impressing your clients or for team-building activities. You have to try:

  • Truffled butterfish.
  • The rice dishes.
  • A nice glass of Belondrade y Lurton, a wine that, in addition to being exquisite, has a very interesting story.

📍 Plaza de la Moraleja, 1

3. El barril de La Moraleja 


Time for those who prefer fish, or pescetarians! 🐟 El Barril de La Moraleja brings the best seafood products according to the season to the Alcobendas area. You can enjoy an extensive menu that includes everything from well-cooked or grilled prawns to spider crabs from O’Grove or red prawns from Isla Cristina.

Reviews and highlights

Madrid may not have a beach, but it does have high-quality fish and seafood, and El Barril de La Moraleja is undoubtedly a great choice to enjoy them. This is our sure bet:

  • Galician-style octopus with ‘cachelos’ (boiled potatoes).
  • Fried ‘chanquetes’ (tiny fish) with free-range eggs.
  • A good Albariño wine or a pure cava to celebrate the occasion.

📍 la Estafeta, 4

Protocols for business lunches or events

If you’ve already chosen a place for your business meeting in La Moraleja, what’s next? Here are our protocol tips to ensure your meal or event is a success:

  1. Reserve in advance.
  2. Make sure the dress code is appropriate.
  3. As the host, it’s essential to be punctual.
  4. Coordinate details with the restaurant and consider ordering a welcome appetizer.
  5. Eat and drink in moderation during the meal.
  6. Turn off or set your phone to vibrate.
  7. If necessary, hire an interpreter.
  8. When paying the bill, the host usually covers the total.
  9. Preferably pay with a credit card.
  10. Escort guests to their cars, as the farewell can indicate that the meeting has been a success.

With your restaurant ready and the protocol for business meetings clear, the next step is to make sure you have a flexible office space that meets your business plans. And, of course, we couldn’t finish this guide without recommending our flexible spaces in La Moraleja.

You now have plenty of restaurants in La Moraleja to make an impression! Hopefully, these recommendations help you impress potential clients or partners, and above all, that you have the opportunity to repeat this experience. Good luck in your business meeting! 🍀


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