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We want to help you and offer you the solution that best suits your needs. Talk to us.

Meetings are the daily bread in the entrepreneur and business man’s lives, whether for hiring a new employee or freelance worker, making conferences and presentations of all kinds and even conducting training courses or workshops. However, you have to take into account that every meeting needs different demands, depending on the number of people, the way in which they are distributed (if they have to listen to a speaker or if they have to talk to each other) and the objective.

Because of this, in Lexington we are going to give you some tips about the kind of meeting room you will need depending on the event you want to hold:

1. Job interviews: The selection processes are times when calm is required to be able to talk to the candidate. We can point the most important ones among them:

  • Personal Interviews: For this kind of interviews the best option is an office, as the interviewee will be face to face with the interviewers in a quiet and close atmosphere.
  • Group Interviews: In dynamic or group interviews, the aim is to observe every candidate’s behaviour. Because of this, it is necessary a space where they can interact like the Interview Room, whose round table makes this interaction easier.

2. Company Meetings: These meetings can be held with the purpose of discussing any issue that affects the business, whether the tasks any worker has to perform, announcing changes or any other important fact.

 After all this, we can offer the following kinds of meeting rooms depending on the objective:

  • Office Rooms: Ideal for more intimate meetings with employees, clients or suppliers.
  • Boardrooms: With rectangular central table and armchairs around it. It is perfect for meetings from ten to thirty people, in which they have to talk longer and demand greater comfort.
  • Interview Rooms: If you need a closer room where people can have an open and direct interaction,  and for example encourage brainstorming, this is your room, as its round shape and its capacity to hold up to eight people let an easy and fluid conversation among them.

3. Business and Product Presentations: If you want to make a presentation, you will need a close space but open to a speaker. That is why the best room for that is the U-Shaped one, as it lets the listeners to be comfortable and pointing their view to the screen or the board where the speaker will show his explanations.

4. Conferences: We also offer conference rooms completely fully equipped for presentations that require a speaker and a larger audience.

5. Training Courses and Workshops: To conduct training courses or workshops you will need a space where the desks face the speaker who will show his explanations. For this purpose, in Lexington we have two types of rooms: the U-shaped room, which has a closer and more open space and makes the interaction easier; and the assembly room if the audience is greater and if people are needed to point the speaker, like in a classroom.

6. Discussion Groups: You may need to from a discussion group for any research or study. For that purpose, the best option is the Interview Room, as its round shape makes it closer and makes the interaction easier.

As you have seen, there is a type of room for each event. It is very important to take this into account as, apart from the speech skills and other factors, the success of an event can depend on the characteristics of the room, which must help to achieve the desired objective.

“Luck is being at the right place and at the right time”. Anonymous

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