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Do you think there is a secret formula to organise a successful event? Is it possible to have a checklist to follow and make sure your meetings are as well received as possible? With the latest office comeback and the current way of working hybridly, meetings and events are part of our daily routines again. Now, the question that arises among HR managers, team leaders and CEOs is how to organise the most successful of events.

Different types of events  

Each meeting or event is a whole world itself, as everything is in the corporate world. Besides internal team meetings, job interviews and yearly revisions we are all familiar with, these are some other types of events in business:

Training sessions and lectures

An intensive training session for the team or a lecture for a group of students can be a successful event as well. This type of gathering requests technology to connect big groups of people, an accessible position for the lecturer, great acoustics and the possibility of offering the same training for an audience online.

Seminars and conferences

The targeted audience to these particular events is very concrete and focused on one field of work only. Its duration is flexible, going from a couple of hours to two/three-week days, and various speakers participate in it by sharing their knowledge on a certain topic of investigation.

Trade fairs and congresses

The targeted audience in this case is wider due to their generic nature, that is gathering many companies together in the same space so they can advertise their products or latest releases. Consequently, more people are expected to attend such events, and not all at the same time, but they will come and go as they please during the day.

Group dynamics

A nice round table is not enough for a group dynamic to be successful. These events’ main goal is to prove team members or candidates’ capacity of cooperation, improvisation and adaptability, so they need inspiring and professional work environments, the perfect balance!

Press conferences

Hosted especially for the media to cover a new opening or an event of public interest, this type of event always strengthens brand awareness since it’s usually accompanied by a press release, a photo session…


With a 100% internal nature, organising a successful teambuilding is the best way to bond with your co-workers. These events are characterized by forgetting hierarchies, an informal environment and role-playing games to have a good time with the team. They’ll become one of their favourite meetings (especially if they are followed by some drinks with the team).

Milestones to achieve if you want to organise a successful event

There may be a checklist for you to follow if you want to organise a successful business or any other kind of event, or at least, to do so in the best way possible!

Set your goals

Maybe at a wedding or a presentation of the latest book releases, the goal is set and clear, but business events may need some more preparation on the matter. Setting your real goals beforehand and communicate them properly will help you to assemble the correct audience and to spend the budget optimally. Besides, for this planification stage, we wrote the best briefing on 10 steps to organise effective meetings you don’t want to miss!

Draw your event’s skeleton

Once goals are set, try and draw how your event’s skeleton would look like: date and timeline, people attending, locations, catering options or welcome gift-bags…

Create a budget

Once you know what you are all expecting for your event, make an estimation of the money you expect to spend and how, taking into account the results you foresee.

Name a party committee

Having a trustful team organising your event is key for its success. Name a Project Manager, a person responsible for coordination and suppliers, a marketing and design manager to spread the word and a production team for the check-in on the appointed date.

Develop the event’s brand image

If your event is destined to be a success it’s mainly because it will leave a special mark on the audience. Point the direction of the event, give it a name and a look&feel, find that something that will make a difference: decoration, special guests, souvenirs, dress code…

An essential tool: how to write a good briefing for your event?

The briefing is an essential tool to organise, communicate and understand the event we are about to host, so it’s key for its success. This piece of paper collects all the information about our meeting: location, day and time, duration, target audience, objectives… A good briefing is perfect to make your event sells well to possible sponsors and also essential for your party committee.

However, for it to be useful, it must stay clear and brief, and realistic above all. An unrealistic vision of your event, with an approach divorced from reality or setting too high expectations won’t work for neither for the team or possible benefactors.

Key points for your briefing:

  • Goals and KPIs to measure
  • Limitations related to capacity or the product/service’s inner nature
  • The budget
  • The time ahead to organise
  • Targeted audience and the language and tone of the event that best suits them
  • Branding for the company and the event itself

Where can we organise  a successful business event in Madrid?

That little (or big) detail that will outstand the rest, in many occasions, it’s the event location. Having a meeting room with an electric vibe, technologically prepared and inside a creative environment should be top 1 on your priorities list.

But where can we find the perfect meeting room for our event? Perhaps, conferences or trade fairs need a bigger space to accommodate hundreds of people, but let’s be honest, everyday events and meetings won’t be followed by that many people. For your brainstorming or creative sessions, one-to-one and every other kind of gathering, Lexington meeting rooms in Madrid have that something special to make your event unforgettable.

How will they do so, you ask? Of course, with a premium location in the city, accessible for your team, as it is Paseo de la Castellana, Chamartín or La Moraleja, besides the corporate energy that Lexington embodies.

What’s more, our meeting rooms and their cutting-edge technology will make possible online and onsite events, and hybrid! Run your interviews online, review your briefings with your team working on remote and gather a world-spread team for your next brainstorming session.

What about Barcelona?

Piece of cake! Lexington meeting and event rooms in Barcelona are everything you need in the Catalonian capital. As you already know, being part of the city’s skyline is not something everybody can brag about, that’s why you’ll want to host your homecoming meeting after holidays, the new team’s training journeys and the job interviews for all that new talent you’ll incorporate to the project in September in Lexington meeting rooms, so they’ll become part of the business landscape of the city.

There is no infallible recipe for successful events, but we hope you took notes on some crucial ingredients for your gatherings to look the best. Let our flexible workspaces be the delicious frosting!

If you need to take a look around, you are so welcome to visit us! Choose one of our locations in Madrid or Barcelona and fall in love

The only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary.”

Vidal Sassoon


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