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We live in a world with an increasing environmental awareness and a sustainable use of the resources. With this in mind, a lot of companies have started to insert a model of energy efficiency at their offices, because it will bring not just ecological benefits but also economic, productive and healthy benefits.Which are the benefits for the companies with sustainable offices?

  • When we talk about energy efficiency, one of the main concerns is the impact that human actions and constructions have in the environment. For that reason setting up a model of energy efficiency will reduce environmental impact. Some of the benefits of setting this model would be saving measures like isolation, climate control, and optimization of electric devices.
  • Those actions help not just the environment but also the companies, by reducing costs. When we use sustainable resources and follow a plan of energy efficiency, we decrease operation costs in medium and long terms, reducing electric and maintenance expenses.
  • Energy efficiency plans urge us to take advantage of natural light instead of artificial. This help us to reduce power consumption and also gives the employees the chance to be in a better mood and more productive. It has been proven that natural light, as well as the presence of green spaces in the offices, helps to focus attention on the tasks, so it optimizes efficiency in achieving results and reducing stress.
  • Sustainability becomes a key value that has to be considered in the company strategy to create a positive corporative image. This is why sustainability should be included in the mission and vision of any organization. CSR shares are added value.

On the other side, there are some intern actions that can be performed to reach sustainable offices, helping to create a world more and more efficient and respectful with the environment. You can use recycle bins, natural ventilation or ecological products like recycled paper, and you can optimize the use of electronic devices when they are not necessary.In Lexington, we care about the environment and its conservation, and we made of it our philosophy. Therefore, several of our business centres such as Moraleja or Orense, have already installed a complete model of energy. Other centres are in the process of change towards sustainable offices.

“The Earth is not an inheritance from our parents but a loan from our children”.

Old Indian Proverb.


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