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Today, and due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks in companies, cybersecurity has become one of the priorities. In this sense, according to Cisco’s Annual Security Report, only 45% of companies rely entirely on their security strategy, and 48% of managers surveyed are concerned about the company’s cybersecurity.

Due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks in companies, cybersecurity has become one of the priorities

Many companies have obsolete infrastructures and outdated software, making them the perfect target for cyber-attacks. From Lexington, we remind you the basic tips that you shall keep in mind to preserve the cybersecurity of your business:

Employees’ awarenessDid you know that the main access route for cybercriminals are employees? To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out training and awareness campaigns for employees focus on the security policies of each company.Install antivirus programs

Any computer and electronic device with Internet connection shall have a good antivirus to secure the equipment and data of the company.

Secure PasswordsIt is essential that the passwords used by the employees respect the requirements required by the secure passwords and are frequently changed to ensure their security.Watch the USBs devicesParticular care shall be taken when external devices are connected to your company’s computers, such as USBs, removable hard disks or memory cards, among others. We must make sure that all files from these external devices are scanned by an antivirus before being copied or executed on the company’s computers.

Updated software

Keeping programs up-to-date is essential to the safety of your company’s equipment. In case of not using some software, it is recommended to uninstall them.


Making backups from time to time becomes a valuable resource in order to do not lose essential information in case of cyberattack.

Finally, it is also advisable to allocate a budget amount to acquire security hardware such as cables for laptops, U2F keys, accessories to charge the mobile safely, etc. Affordable investments that could save long-term money to the company.

“”The value of an idea lies in the using of it”.

Thomas Edison.


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