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After 5 long working days (even feeling like longer in the summer period) we all want to use the weekend the spend time with our F&F. Worst thing is that it passes too fast, right?So in order to come back to work on Monday full of energy and have a nice beggining of the week, we propose 5 tips, let’s go for it!

#1 Taking advantage of the time for breakfast

To begin the week with energy is key to be more productive and efficient, so eat a good breakfast and during it take your time to relax and mentally check the tasks waiting for you during your working day.

Facing your working day with a positive day, being receptive and active listening will help you to get better results

#2 Rooting for positivism!

To maintain a positive attitude will help to face situations from a different prospective: the better is our attitude and more positive energy have to face our working day, more probabilities will have to achieve our tasks in a successful manner. So, don’t worry, be positive!

#3 Prepare TODO lists

For a nice beginning of the week, plan your daily tasks in TODO lists assigning priorities. At the time of describing the different tasks, bear in mind to stay realistic and make sure that you will be able to finish it during your working day.

#4 Do not become a slave of your email

If you use email at work, you probably already know that after the weekend, Mondays turns to be a day that you fully spent answering emails, right? In that sense, we would advise you to avoid answering all of them at once and to try to balance the replies throughout the day or even answering the less-priority emails other days of the week.

#5 Avoid distractions

Bear in mind that distractions help much to reduce your productivity, so in order to have a nice beginning of the week you should leave them at home and get out of your working routine to avoid them. How? Take advantage of the moments of distractions to take mini breaks. In this way you mind and your body will relax and you will be back to your duties paying better attention.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.

Winston Churchill


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