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Ana Salazar

Do you think all coworking spaces are the same? Mistake! Actually, even though most offer similar services such as the use of common areas, shared kitchens, or meeting rooms, there’s a key factor that makes the difference: the industry they specialize in.

Today, in our Lexington Magazine, we’ll see which types of coworking spaces are booming right now. Stop feeling like the exception and find the tailor-made workspace for you!

Types of coworking according to sector

As we have previously pointed out, there is a fundamental element that distinguishes these spaces: the sectors they are dedicated to. From the healthcare sector to artistic creation and entrepreneurship, coworking spaces share a common goal: to promote collaboration and growth in specific areas of the workplace through access to flexible working environments.

Types of healthcare coworking spaces

  • Para profesionales de la psicología

Spaces that offer quiet and private environments for therapeutic sessions. This type of coworking typically provides fully equipped consultation rooms and an ideal atmosphere for emotional well-being.

  • For doctors

Intended for doctors and healthcare specialists, providing equipped consulting rooms and shared services for efficient medical practice.

  • Physiotherapy

Places focused on physical therapists, with equipped treatment areas and common spaces for rehabilitation and well-being.

Types of coworking spaces for artisans

  • Art coworking

Spaces dedicated to artists, providing shared art studios and galleries for exhibitions. They are characterized by their spaciousness and brightness.

  • Workshop coworking

Intended for artisans and designers, offering equipped workshops and shared work areas for artistic creation.

  • Jewelry coworking

Specialized places for jewelers and goldsmiths, with shared workbenches and design studios for jewelry creation.

Types of business coworking

  • Entrepreneurial coworking

Ideal spaces for startups, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals from various industries.

  • Corporate coworking

Corporate coworking has gained popularity thanks to its flexibility and ability to foster collaboration by offering personalized solutions that go beyond simply providing physical workspaces.


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Types of contracts in coworking

In the world of coworking contracts, flexibility and adaptability are key, as working methods are constantly evolving. You can find flexible options for independent workers to corporate solutions for established companies. We will explore three main modalities: flexible coworking, day passes, and tailored options for companies.

Flexible coworking

As the name suggests, this type of contract offers great flexibility in terms of duration and space usage. Users can choose to rent the space for short or long periods, adapting to their changing needs. Additionally, they can use different areas within the coworking space according to their requirements.

Day pass for coworking

Day passes are trendy, and it’s no coincidence. It’s the ideal option for those who need occasional access to a coworking space, without long-term commitments and without the need for privacy. And if you’re not sure, ask freelancers or digital nomads!

Coworking and office spaces for companies

This type of contract is specifically designed for companies looking to establish themselves in a coworking space permanently. What are the advantages? The possibility of renting private offices in shared spaces that can be customized according to the company’s corporate needs.

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Differences between coworking and coliving

We’re reaching the end, and we almost forgot about the new shared space model that’s revolutionizing the industry: coliving. Did you know about it? Let’s see what it’s all about!

What is coliving?

People who use coliving share living spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, and often work areas, promoting social interaction and collaboration.

Main differences and services

In coworking, the main focus is on work, offering shared workspaces and services related to work activities, such as meeting rooms and access to high-speed internet.

However, coliving focuses on everyday life, providing shared accommodation and services for the well-being and comfort of residents, such as cleaning, laundry, and community activities.


Long story short, there’s a coworking space for every type of work, all designed with the aim of enhancing our daily productivity. As new tasks and work needs arise, we’ll see an increase in the variety of coworking spaces specialized in those specific areas. If you need advice or assistance in finding the ideal space, we’re here to help!


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