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For a few years we have seen how work environments and professional relationships have evolved towards flexible hours and family reconciliation (among others). It is an area that is constantly changing, as there are increasing new professions, as well as new people or professionals who are preparing differently for their job.All these changes lead to the appearance of new tools and measures, such as hot desking, which gives the opportunity to carry out work tasks much more flexibly and optimize resources to the maximum. You want to know more? Keep reading and we will go into detail!

Professional relationships have evolved towards flexibility and family reconciliation

What is hot desking?

Hot desking, which translates from English as “hot table”, defines a new way of understanding work spaces and their way of sharing them. It is very common to think that when talking about hot desking, reference is made to the term coworking, since the latter tries to share a professional environment between several companies or professionals, highlighting the creation of synergies between them.In the case of hot desking, the tools that a worker uses in his or her daily life are shared, such as the table or the chair. You could say that hot desking is based on the use of a space while a person carries out their day-to-day tasks. For example, a person goes to a hot desking space, picks up a table and works for as long as he needs. Then he leaves and another person can occupy that same space. In hot desking a user does not have a fixed place, but, depending on the day, will be at a work table or another.

What benefits does hot desking have?

As you can imagine, this measure has been applied for a short time in Spain, but in other countries such as the United States, hot desking looks like something very normal. In fact, companies see it as a benefit that the same workspace is occupied by several of its employees, thus optimizing performance. And the employee himself, in turn, can have greater flexibility in working hours and, therefore, work conciliation.

One of the most outstanding benefits of the application of hot desking in your company is, as we have already mentioned, the optimization of workspaces, since, depending on the position, an employee could have different schedule needs to another and therefore, this system would fit perfectly. In this way, work spaces are optimized to the maximum and the employee also enjoys the work flexibility he needs. Continuing with the optimization of resources, a space based on hot desking is also beneficial because of the cost savings, since it allows for a smaller area and accommodating the same number of people without giving up any comfort.

Another benefit that hot desking brings is that, by allowing a person to change their work environment from time to time, their productivity and creativity are being promoted. A change of perspective or a new air always comes great in very stressful work environments.As an employee, one of the most outstanding things when accepting a job is the flexibility of time and through hot desking, you can achieve planning that thinks about that benefit. As an entrepreneur, one of the things that most influence your business is that a favourable working environment is created; through hot desking you can encourage it while you are also saving on costs.At Lexington we know that new trends related to the professional field encourage the creation of work environments more adapted to the new demands, more inclusive and designed for the needs of each project.

Therefore, if you want advice on how to create a workplace with the added value that will make it unique, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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