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Coworking, a well-known concept for everyone, right? We are positive you are familiar with the idea because it is growing popular among companies every day. Nonetheless, we are here today to give you a masterclass on coworking, because you can never know too much! Stay tuned and discover the benefits this flexible recipe could provide. Let’s destroy the myths and taboos surrounding the idea of coworking once and for all by analysing it bit by bit.

What is coworking?

You will find several definitions online for this concept of coworking space, and all of them revolve around the same central element: sharing, but not only to create a better work environment, but also to find greater ways to get things done.

Coworking means sharing, not only to create a better work environment, but also to find greater ways to get things done.

This means sharing, both physically and business wise, space and costs, so you can finally break free from the constrictions a traditional conventional office used to entail. Welcome sustainability and accessibility for all with this new way of working!

This also means sharing, on a more personal level, common values, ideas and interests with other professionals that you would have probably never met in a different scenario. Embrace new creative projects, growing in ambition and with a richer perspective.

Coworking spaces are the best environment to join efforts and inspire synergies, to squeeze your company’s creativity and to finally find that flexible workspace that whose job is to accompany you and your team, and not the other way around.

What are the advantages of coworking?

Easy! Here you’ll find some of the final benefits to convince you on how coworking could be the best choice for your company:

The basic, save money!

Even though it may seem obvious, this saving money goes beyond rent. Choosing a coworking space for your corporate office will erase for good that monthly payment only linked to a fixed space, a space that no matter how big your team grows or how small it becomes, will not have the power to follow your pace. Besides, you can forget about light, water and community expenses as well, even WiFi connection! Not to mention all those extra services available to make your life easier…

Enjoy flexibility on your contract terms and the most emblematic buildings in the city, all together! Worry about nothing besides choosing which view or sunny corner you prefer for today!

Our mantra? Flexibility

The pandemic and our new working routine made us become way more flexible, whether we wanted it or not. The issue is, since we are supposed to adapt to changes, that flexibility should also be found in our workspace, in our chance of growth and in our schedules. As a payback, right?

Coworking allows you to use your space only when and how you need to, to organise your team differently for each project, because free mobility around the space is complete, and also enjoy available meeting and training rooms, workshops, coffee points and much more! Oh, and everything under the umbrella of flexible contracts by month, with no long—stays!

Quit isolation, welcome networking!

COVID-19 has brought many things, that’s a given, but although working from home is something we are used to by now, some of its consequences may still hurt. Loneliness or disconnection within a team are not something your company will benefit from in the long run.

You are very close to share the common areas in your coworking space with your next best client or with your next most trusted supplier! Who knows, you may even find a new partner for a project while you two share a coffee on Monday!

Coworking lives for that belonging feeling we’re all looking for, to gather people and professionals together. You are very close to share the common areas in your coworking space with your next best client or with your next most trusted supplier! Who knows, you may even find a partner for a new project while you two share a coffee on Monday or during some workshop you both are invited to!

Coworking in 2021

Uncertainty and pressure are the most accurate definitions for this pandemic, we know, but light is growing brighter now, and the flexible spaces / coworking sector is certainly well illuminated. After a bump in the road, it is hard to trust again and easy to worry about stumbling over the same stone twice. This is why the coworking formula shines so much, because it is the one able to give you some space to breathe easily when a what-if pops-up!

Coworking will reconcile coming back to the office with still working from home from time to time, what translates into a new concept of workspaces. This is what we baptised it as the hybrid model: a trendy space, fully equipped and located at the best spots in the city goes no longer hand in hand with having your whole team in the same room day after day. Coworking spaces are the perfect fit for relocation and flexibilization while keeping the corporate headquarters as a reference. Maintaining your identity was never this easy!

Coworking is the perfect fit for team relocation while keeping the reference corporate headquarters.

Plus, as we have already mentioned, this hybrid formula brings us together again while releasing us from extra paperwork. Focus on what’s really important, your business!

Coworking and its future

Even though companies are already thinking about implementing remote working in the long run and in a more organised way, none of them is ready to leave the office behind forever. You see, it’s like digital copies of our favourite books: they may become more and more popular and comfortable for readers, but the aesthetic of a library or a book store full of colourful hardbacks is not something we will see gone anytime soon.

In Lexington, we are not wondering how coworking will be in the future because we see it as just the future itself. Changes will come our way, that’s for sure, and whether they affect us all or only some part of your company, the concept of coworking is the best way to deal with them while looking after your team, their productivity and their mental health. Anyway, the coworking of the future will be the perfect workspace solution for flexibility and cutting costs. Actually, it already is!

The hybrid model with online and onsite working will be the main character during the upcoming years, blurring limit lines and avoiding not-so-great surprises while offering a wide range of options for employers and employees.

Lexington Coworking spaces

In Lexington, as pioneers, we do not fall behind when offering our clients the latest flexible solutions. Hybrid offices with rotating access passes at no extra cost, private offices to book by the day or flexible workstations around our common areas.

Find everything you and your team need to give a boost to your welfare and creativity in our coworking spaces in Madrid and Barcelona. And do not worry, you can trust Lexington’s expertise and flexibility, as always. Well, and now you know everything there is to know about coworking, what it is and how it works… don’t be shy and come visit us 😉 !

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

John D. Rockefeller


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