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Coworking is a labor trend that allows entrepreneurs, or SMEs to share the same work space and take advantage of synergies. It is not necessary that they belong to the same business sector, since people who opt to work in this way can develop projects alone or promote proposals together. In this sense and being clear about what coworking is, the owners of these spaces play a fundamental role. They are responsible for promoting collaborative work, create business opportunities and establish networking links between users. Therefore, these aspects offer a great differential value to coworking.To find the essence and meaning of coworking, we have to look for it in San Francisco in 2005, since the economic changes were the turning point to make this work modality emerge in which fostering collaboration among professionals is the key. In addition, the word coworking is also used, as we have indicated previously, to designate the offices shared between several people who do not belong to the same company.

Also, knowing what coworking is and how it works is important to get all the performance possible. And in most cases, you do not need anything more than a computer, a good WIFI connection and a telephone to do the work. For this reason and thanks to the connectivity offered by the Internet, you can develop a business idea and implement it without having to make a large initial investment.

Advantages of coworking

1> Savings

You simply pay a very affordable monthly fee (fixed or variable, depending on the center) and you forget about the rest of the expenses. In this way, coworking is a perfect option for entrepreneurs or freelancers because they avoid having to have a local property or have to resort to conventional rental, carrying the ballast of electricity bills, water and Internet at the end of the month.

Coworking, the perfect option to save costs

2> Growth

The fact of working collaboratively generates that personal work has nuances that enrich it. That is, one of the advantages of coworking is that you have the support of other professional profiles that can provide a different vision to yours and complementary to your business. In addition, networking meetings are held daily at any time, creating business ties that help to promote the ideas that are emerging.

3> Flexibility

Thanks to coworking, you will get flexibility in your work, since you do not depend on a fixed and corseted schedule, and you have the freedom to enter and exit according to your needs. Using a space of these characteristics as your work office gives you independence and freedom, since you own your time and distribute it based on the volume of work you have. As a result, reconciling work and family life is much more feasible if you opt for coworking as a space and way to develop your profession.

Likewise, flexibility is also transferred to everything related to space rental contracts. With the coworking concept, it is not necessary to rent the office, office or desk for a long period, but you hire the workplace for as long as you need.4> ProductivityThe fact of having an assigned work space, which is practically your own, makes it easier for you to do your work in a more productive way. This is another of the great advantages offered by coworking, as there are no interruptions of customers or other company colleagues, it is much easier to acquire a work routine in which the maximum is to do the job well in the shortest possible time.5> ProfessionalismWorking in a coworking gives you professionalism. In this sense, it is clear that many of the tasks you perform daily could be done from home, but having your own space gives great rigor to your work. It is not the same to receive a client in the living room of your house than in a meeting room, created and thought for it. Do not forget that the image you project towards your clients must be impeccable.So, if you are considering this method of work, in Lexington we have the perfect place for you to develop your professional tasks at your own pace. Discover our coworking space in Madrid!

“Arriving together is the beginning; Keeping together is progress; working together is success”.

Henry Ford

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