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Every time new concepts are born in the business field and now it is the turn of mobile learning that also advocates digital transformation within companies. But reassuring, if you don’t know what it is, this post will reveal it to you, as well as why it is so beneficial for companies. We start!

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning, also known as mobile learning, is the teaching process that is carried out through mobile devices connected to the Internet and favors a much more immediate and effective interaction between teacher and student. In this way, online training breaks with space-time barriers and adapts to the student’s training needs in their day to day.

Mobile learning becomes a potentially extraordinary tool

In addition, if we take into account that smartphones and tablets are already the main devices for multimedia consumption on the Internet, mobile learning becomes a tool with great potential, since it allows presenting information more easily and intuitively, with content Multimedia, dynamic and accessible at any time, providing freshness and encouraging collaborative learning.

But … why apply mobile learning in companies?

Companies that are committed to mobile learning are aware of the importance of new technologies and the evolution that this implies both for them and for their employees. That is why this way of teaching and / or learning is increasingly present in the business sector. Betting on continuous and dynamic training is a sign of progress.

If you are one of those CEO’s reluctant to change or adapt to new technologies, we hope you change your perception with these three reasons that should convince you that mobile learning is key to the professional growth of your employees, there they go!

1. Mobile learning can offer key data at the point of need

Putting mobile learning in the palm of the employees’ hands can have an immediate and positive effect on the final result of their activity within the company. And it is that mobile devices are always on and connected, and employees are willing to access the relevant information at any time. This not only means expanding and improving their skills and knowledge, but also increases performance, helps decision-making processes and ensures customer satisfaction.

2. Mobile learning saves time

The different mobile learning strategies fit even the busiest employees with less time availability, since less time is required than face-to-face training. This allows everyone to be responsible for their own organization and thus maximize their productivity.

3. Offers less tangible organizational benefits

Mobile learning also helps employees know how to develop skills and have a greater commitment to learning, which motivates them and favors the company, as well

This is how to reduce staff turnover and, consequently, reduce hiring costs. In short, if you do not want to be left behind in your sector, you have to join the changes and innovations that can give your brand strategy a plus. An advice? Do not take it as a step more than jumping, but rather as an opportunity that will help your company and employees to be more competitive. So, for all and, of course, for mobile learning!

“The difference between those who arrive and those who are not the ability to learn, perseverance and networking.”

Arancha Ruiz. Headhunter and Personal Brander


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