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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

Nowadays, the companies organisational model and its way of working and suggesting office spaces to their employees and collaborators is changing to a more flexible and lively model, which adapts continuously to the growing variations experimented by businesses. In this regard, our business centers can offer you a wide range of advantages which, otherwise, would be much harder to get.

Would you like to know them?We have created an infographic in which you can learn easily which are all advantages that we offer you:business center

1. Custom – made office projects

Tell us what you want and how you want it and in Lexington, together with the internationally best-knonwn architecture firms, we will design an office perfectly adapted to your special and future needs. Besides, we will take care of arranging and customizing all the design, integrating your corporate image without implementation costs!

2. Always available

Are you looking for a space which ensures maximum availability? In Lexington, we adapt to your requirements. That is why we have a 24 hours entry service together with an excellent security staff the whole day to let you work calmly anytime you need.

3. Flexibility and adaptability

The continuous changes in the size of the new business models are common nowadays. Because of that, Lexington provides you with a wide range of innovative solutions in flexibility and adaptability of space, technology and equipment as agile as the growth that your business will experiment.

4. Immediacy

Do you need an office right now? Come to Lexington.  If you want to start today, you can do it. Your satisfaction is our mission. That is why we work daily to give you all the facilities to open your new office without high upfront costs with regard to money and time.

5. The best technology at zero cost

Innovation is one of our priorities, that is why we have the best and ultimate technology, completely safe and adapted to your business’ needs to let you be always perfectly connected. You only have to sit and enjoy all the technological facilities without any cost.

6. Networking

If you have an office in Lexington, welcome new business opportunities. We have the pleasure of having important companies among our clients with whom you will be able to deal and look for possible collaborations that will help you to get promoted to leading positions in the market , and then, maximize your benefits.

7. Without worries

As pioneers in offering business centres services in Spain, we must be at the forefront  in all the services offered by us. That is why we have a complete offer:  administrative, technical, and technological support, legal advice, catering and much more. Come and discover it.

8. SEO Positioning

If you are not on the Internet nowadays, you don’t exist. Or, more precisely, if you don’t appear on Google’s first page, you don’t exist. Lexington’ s virtual office service will provide you with a physical address where your clients will be able to communicate and the important saving in costs that this offers and also a great visibility in search engines, which is essential for your business.

9. Premium location

Would you like to have a premium location? Our business centres are in the nerve and financial district of the main cities in Spain, what will offer you not just visibility but also relevancy and prestige towards your actual and future clients.


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