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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

Today we are so used to find all kind of information about companies on the Internet that it is weird for us not to be able to reach data such as addresses contact numbers, etc. In fact, the lack of information on a specific company may turn us suspicious on its credibility.

Beyond the technical implications of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy in a company’s website, for it to be placed at the top positions for searching results, Google offers some services that can facilitate the company to be found by potential customers. This is the case of Google My Business. This tool provides a record so any company can fill it with its data and range of services. Therefore, any Google user will find this or that company when searching services on a geographical location basis.

For that reason, there are more and more companies and entrepreneurs hiring our Virtual Office services, so the can acquire an address, which is absolutely necessary to be part of Google Places, which in turn is integrated into Google My Business. So, the mailing address of a company is graphically showed among the searching results at Google together with contact data, reviews and users’ ratings.

In spite this service is free, Google does verify all the data provided by the companies joining Google My Business, so being part of this directory makes the user mote confident on the company itself.

 Finally, we would say that the strategy of improving on organic positioning oriented to local-based searching, together with personalised phone attention and the option of enjoying our facilities when needed, make our Lexington Virtual Office services an ally to entrepreneurs who can not afford investing on convectional offices.

“Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”. Mark Twain


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