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Downshifting is an English word that refers to reduction, for example, in the gears of a vehicle. A few years ago this term started to be used in the workplace to define people that voluntarily seek to reduce their obligations and dedicate more time to their families or to leisure, rejecting some business opportunities and committing to a relaxed work environment.

It is all about balance

This new lifestyle in which less is more, aims to find the balance between work and personal life, enhancing emotional well-being. Some years ago, it has been shown that those who have more money or work opportunities aren’t happier than those who are able to find the balance between a successful working life and the personal development. 

Advantages of Downshifting 

If you have come this far, it is because you are attracted to the philosophy of less is more, right? Keep reading because here we detail some of the main advantages to put into practice:

1. Free time

You leave the office, you enter the supermarket, you program the washing machine and then you realize it is time to sleep.Slow Down!Define well how far you want to go with your business and reject what is outside your main objectives. Being able to enjoy more free time is one of the biggest advantages of businessmen who bet on Downshifting.

2. Less worries

Your business idea works and gives you good income, the structure is well defined and you can control every detail of your company. The work activity can stay in the office and that allows you to enjoy quality free time. Have you noticed how tranquility helps your work productivity to be at maximum levels?

3. The value of small things

And the salary? This is the question that many businessmen or entrepreneurs do at this point. Making money is fine, but earning just enough money to live well makes you feel more free and makes you learn to value situations or moments that are priceless. Remember? Less is more.Downshifting is here to stay and more and more people are betting on this formula that reduces workplace stress levels to the minimum. It does not matter if you are a businessman, entrepreneur or employee: now is the time to decide if you want this term to define you.

Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content, the quiet mind is richer than a crown.

Robert Greene


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