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Ester Maicas

Do your mental agility and speed not reach your expectations? In this case we recommend you to follow these tricks to speed up your memory, improving also your performance and focus at work.

If you believe your mental agility is not quick enough, you should start thinking about adding a series of exercises and habits to your daily routine that would help you both to improve your performance and focus at work

3, 2, 1… take notes and … train your brain!

1. Mind games

Playing chess, Sudoku or crosswords can be very beneficial to speed up your memory, since this kind of strategic games allow you to improve your calculation and memorization skills, as well as helping you to prevent your mental deterioration.

2. Breaking with business as usual

Trying different routes to get to work will keep your brain in good shape and will challenge it. So, next working day, try a different route in order to get to know new scenes and train your brain.

3. Assign a greater role to the other hand

Yes. If you are right-handed start using the left one to brush your teeth, comb your hair, use your cellphone or even the mouse. These small changes will push the cells in your brain to adapt to a new situation and communicate with each other, fostering a good training and avoiding they die prematurely

4. Mens sana in corpore sano

A balanced diet is not only essential to keep a healthy body but also to maintain good memory skills. For that, it is recommendable to choose food rich on Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, olive oil, spinach or nuts, among others.

5. Little naps

Did you know that sleeping disorders could interrupt processes that activate our memory and alter our decision-making? According to neuroscientists of New York University, with a 20 minutes-nap you can relax your mind and improve your memory retention.

6. If you don’t remember it… close your eyes!

If there is anything you don’t remember exactly, close your eyes for a couple of seconds. This way you stop all visual distractions and release the power of the mind. This exercise will help you to visualize the details of what you are trying to remember.

 “When you lose internet in anything, you also lose the memory for it”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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