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The waste of resources is a matter of vital importance and of which we are increasingly aware. The actions we carry out in our daily basic have a direct impact on the natural environment, that is why taking steps to avoid leaving a negative mark on the planet becomes essential.This matter also comes to our workplaces little by little, and is that, these spaces are at full capacity for at least 8 hours a day. In these hours the workers and / or clients that visit each center consume a series of resources that if optimized and controlled properly, they can significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

The ecological office: spaces where to work better and without leaving a mark on the environment

The “green office” is a place where nature plays a leading role, not only to avoid a negative impact on it but also as part of the work area itself.

Green areas around a business center can help workers reduce their stress to be more productive and to awaken its more creative side.

An eco office is an energy efficient office; with natural lighting to reduce electricity consumption and with led bulbs consumption and with led bulbs. A workplace where waste is recycled and where renewable energy is used, with quality facilities optimized to avoid wasting water, heating and air conditioning. Buildings built with sustainability criteria and with a versatile design sensitive with current needs. Another good example is the smart offices, since these spaces adapt to the rhythms of each company or client.

Respecting the natural environment is respecting yourself.

In addition to being aware and taking action on the impact we produce in the natural environment, An eco workspace also promotes the care and well-being of people. Incentive policies could be recommended for employees to use public, ecological or shared transportation to get to the workplace. Promote healthy eating by offering healthy fruit or menus or also encourage the practice of physical exercise (in the workplace itself or with discounts).There are multiple actions that can be implemented relatively easily in any workplace to move towards the “green office”. Even if this type of action is not implemented in your work, you can start doing it or propose it to those responsible.

5 simple actions to reduce the impact on the environment while working

#1  Displacements

Try to use public transport or share a car to get to your workplace. If possible, go to work by bike or walking to do some exercise before and after your day

#2 Share resources

Open space offices are a way to optimize resources in the field of work. Social areas such as Lexington Rent offices in Castellana – Azca are innovative and versatile spaces that can fulfill different functions and that promote well-being and productivity.

# 3 Disconnect electrical devices

When you finish your workday, turn off the monitor, printer or any other device that will not be used until the next day. You can also reduce power consumption by reducing the brightness of the screens.

# 4 Avoid printing

Check the documents on your devices, either on the computer or on a tablet. Avoid printing any document whenever possible.

# 5 Recycle and reuse

Separate the garbage to be able to recycle (paper, containers, organic waste …). Use your own glass or aluminum bottle instead of one use plastic bottles.Do not be left behind, join the trend and start implementing new measures in your work environment to avoid waste and optimize resources, each small gesture adds up. Taking care of your environment is investing in the future.

In nature is the preservation of the world

Henry David Thoreau


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