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Despite of the fact that we expect the arrival of the desired Friday every week, current work habits and new technologies have made the working day longer even during Saturday and Sunday. The expert in Marketing and business development strategies, John Byrne, deals with the pros and cons of working during the weekend in his article Why are we working on the weekend? A controversial issue which evidences a change in the employment paradigm, in which we have changed from working from Monday to Friday and enjoy the weekend, to work even during the weekend.In this sense, a recent study points out that one out of three American employees continues working during the weekend, after a regular work week. Byrne compares this with European data, where only one out of five employees works at the weekend. The study also highlights that American employees spend more hours working than European ones, where the limit is 1800 hours per year (35 hours per week). It is also remarkable the timetable difference, where 25% of employees are doing any activity before 6 a.m. and after 10 p.m., reducing to the limit sleeping hours.The author attributed this change in habits to technical development which allows performing certain types of work from anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, people who care about their job have always the feeling of having things to do, so they take every moment to advance work. This makes it hard to separate private and working life.Byrne mainly blames for this situation to the entrepreneurial culture and its constant demand for commitment to success, something that means working hard and long hours. Ultimately, it carries a high price in our health and personal relationships, well, if we do not rest our minds during the weekend; we decrease our performance and productivity in our work.The author concludes the article by encouraging workers to take time off at the weekend, aiming them for working harder during the week to finally ‘work for the weekend’.

 “If you are looking for different results, change what you are doing”

 Albert EinsteinPese a las ganas con las que cada semana se espera la llegada del ansiado viernes, los actuales hábitos de trabajo y las nuevas tecnologías han hecho que la jornada laboral se prolongue también durante sábados y domingos. El experto en Marketing y estrategias de desarrollo de negocios, John Byrne, aborda los pros y los contras de trabajar durante los  fines de semana en su artículo Why Are We Working on the Weekend? Un controvertido asunto que evidencia un cambio de paradigma laboral, en el que se ha pasando de trabajar de lunes a viernes para disfrutar de los fines de semana, a tener que trabajar también durante los fines de semana.  


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