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We’ve heard a lot about coaching as a motivational technique and as a motivational technique and as a source of inspiration for the business world. However, it has been barely said about what is exactly the role of the business coach to motivate employees, work groups and whole companies.

Business coach: a key tool to motivate employees

Then, we clear your doubts and we make an x-ray of the business coach and its main functions, there it goes!

Who is the company coach?

The business coach is the persona in charge of motivating those employees who are immersed in an intense work routine that can affect them when it comes to achieving their work goals.

So that, to improve its performance, this motivational professional works directly in the organization and in the structure of the company in the hands of its own workers: must be empathetic, be able to understand different points of view, build trust with employees, as well as be clear, concise and patient.

Among the techniques used by the business coach are: constant and active listening, group expositions, brainstorming, games of qualities, lifeline (Graphical representation of what has marked the life of a worker) or 360o Feedback (all members of the organization receive feedback from their colleague, after completing a questionnaire), among others. With these, the business coach tries to train them to get involved and work hard to achieve better management of internal conflicts.

Functions of the business coach:

The business coach works side by side with the workers of the companies to avoid that the lack of motivation directly affects the productivity. And among its main functions, we highlight the following:

  • Improve interpersonal communication skills of employees
  • Encourage the motivation of unmotivated employees
  • Increase your productivity
  • Provide conflict resolution tools
  • Achieve greater involvement in work

In addition to these functions and through their motivation techniques, the business coach will detect the different skills and qualities of the workers to enhance them and achieve the proposed business objectives If you seek to achieve the success of your company, involving the staff at all levels of the organization is the best of strategies.

“If opportunity does not call, build a door”

Milton Berle


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