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Surely you find yourself among those who think that do not have creativity at all and who consider that only a few mortals have been blessed with such a gift.  Well, you are wrong.  Most experts agree that creativity, like many other accomplishments, is something that can be trained the same way we learn how to read or sum, no matter our age or our personal circumstances.

Do you want to set free your creativity side? You only need to be committed and not to be afraid of what other people may say.  Pay attention to the next dissertations that will change your perspective about creativity.

1- British teacher and creativity expert Ken Robinson claims the need of adapting the actual educational system in order to increase creativity in students, instead of rewarding behaviours that limit their identity with prohibitions, increase their fears or multiply their mistakes. You can see Ken Robinson’s intervention at TED talk School kills creativity. Besides, he will be one of the speakers at Madrid’s World Business Forum 2015.

2- In his essay “How Do People Get New Ideas?” writer Isaac Asimov explains that the base of any creative process lies in training, although the key seems to be a non-conformist attitude that brings the individual to question conventionalisms. Furthermore, Asimov concludes that a relaxed atmosphere, like an informal dinner, is perfect to promote creativity, because pressure and responsibility constraint the production of new ideas.

3-  Apple and Pixar CEO, Steve Jobs, stated during a Graduation Ceremony Speech at Stanford University, that each achievement or discovery is a consequence of our experiences. Jobs explained that the fact of being fired from his own company was for him a creative liberation. This experience showed him the importance of loving what you do and not settling to reach extraordinary results. Don’t miss the inspirational intervention by Steve Jobs Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

4-  Finally, David Kelley, author of  ’Creative Confidence’, assures that all the people are creative, by nature, but most of them give up because of the fear of being judged. However, creativity is something that can be trained until it becomes familiar, something that we can define as more confidence or, such as the psychologist Albert Bandura defines, self-efficacy. He illustrates this feeling as that of one who can change the world and get everything he wants. That innate creativity provides us with more interesting ideas, and allows us to come to better decisions. Don’t miss David Kelley’s conference in TED Talks: How to build your creative confidence.

“Never walk on the traveled path because it only leads where others have been”.

Alexander Graham Bell


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