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Although it seems that the market is full of products and services, there are always new proposals which manage to carve a niche in it quickly. These 7 ideas we suggest, its varibles and a mix of some of them, can lead you to success in the business world in 2019. Take note!

7 business ideas which will lead you to success

1. Audiovisual services

This last years it has been proved that images are more powerful than words so starting a business showing wuality images in every way, is a good idea. Photography, video, editing, design… Audiovisual services continue their way up in this 2019 and it is thought that its top position will be maintained in the following years, so it is a growing business with a promising future.

2. Specialized Products Store

Until a few years aso, it was thought that the key to success was selling everything for everyone. Nothing could be more untrue. A good business idea in 2019 is offering specialised items. The beginning can be difficult but with a good selection of products and a correct segmentation of the target group you can conquer your niche market and succeed in business world.

 3. Making home made products

“Home made” has never been more in fashion than right now and the number of people looking for a home made meal to take away is growing every day. The lack of time together with health concerns make society demand this kind of producs and, so, a business which offers them is bound to succeed.Are you a handyman? We do not only talk about home made food, artisans and crafters have seen how their companies have rebounded and new business lines are being opened iin this sector. Do you feel like showing the world your skills? The founder of Cuanretapajaritas knows a lot about this. It is an specialized shop of handcrafted bow ties which is becoming very popular.

5. Personal trainer

You already know that! 2019 is the year for personalization and sport world is one option more. A good business idea in this 2019 is becoming a personal trainer or creating an agency which connects trainers and people who want to get fit. What do you think about this? In order to inspire you, we would like to introduce you to Criz Diaz and her personal project, which started as a hobby and is now a successful company which employs dozens of people.

6. Touristic orientation

In 2019, the number of tourists who visit our country and other towns in our territory is still growing, so providing both foreigners and locals with touristic orientation is a safe bet. Let’s fly high!7. Free time activitiesOur society demands more entertainment than ever and it is open for new proposals, especially in teams. “Escape Rooms” located in Spain thanks to Cronologic were a great boom and they are still being the first choice againts more tradicional ways of entertainment. One more? No! Come up with an alternative and you will succeed!

8. Online

On line territory increases every year and the companies associated with this sector have great chances of success. Do you know TF Interactiva? This company from Madrid is specialized in developing mobile apps but it has focused on the art sector and it is succeeding with projects for the best museums in the world.Digital communication? Search Engine Optimization, web design or mobile apps? Let’s surf the net!

 So, this is as far as we have come with our 7 ideas to start a business in 2019. What do you think about themDo you need to think deeply obout it? We invite you to do it from our modern and avant-garde facilities. In an environment like this inspiration will arrive sooner than expected!

“The main thing is not having many ideas, but the right one in each case”

Juan Zorrilla


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