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In the business world there are a lot of factors that influence the development of the activity: have an innovate idea, have enough capital to raise a quality product or service, always be in search of improving… Sometimes employers often forget the most important point: who you would you go? Is your actions focus on who will potentially be interested in what you offer?The choice of the target in business is overriding. But, do you know which is yours?


Here are 7 golden rules to identify and properly define your target. Then, only be targeting your sales towards the force.

1. Your target audience (TA) is not the same as the front company.The first thing to have to consider is that your target refers to one that responds perfectly to the characteristics of the potential buyer of your product or service.What you offer must be innovative and different from what sells the competition, so your (TA) must be unique.

2. Satisfy your needs?This is the key question. If you do not offer what they want, they will never buy. Check if your product is useful and has strong easy-to-use functionalities. If so and you have not sales, probably you are directing your effort to the wrong segment.

3. “ Birds on a feather flock together”It is not the same to sell bicycles than a yacht, why not? Each product has specific characteristics; price, use, design, manufacturing materials, etc. In order to find out if you have to go to amateur athletes or entrepreneurs with high purchasing power you must discern which the characteristics that define your product are.

4. Get into your skinOnce you have clear the above points, you must think like someone interested in buying your product or hire your service. You need to define “Who is”, “Where is”, “what is he interested in”, what he says or does”, “thoughts and feelings”…anything that helps you “how he is”. Empathy Map can be a very useful tool.

5. What is your profile?There are several criteria that will serve to identify:

  • Socio-demographic criteria: gender, age, habitat, educational level, position in the household.
  • Geographical criteria: location.
  • Economic criteria:  income, social class, type of consumer.
  • Psychographic criteria: personality, lifestyle, values, motivations and habits, tastes, interest, activities carried out, etc.

6. Bite off more than you can chewFocus on one or two market segments. You must not forget that the more accurate your target audience is you will be able to analyze it deeper and make more improvements to provide everything you need and, therefore, more will sell.

7.  You do not exist without communicationLast but not least, it is imperative to communicate: all what you offer, benefits of your product, the differentiating factor, etc. It is important that both the content and the form are striking, and for this, the power of a good image can be a good hook.

There is no wind that blows right for the sailor who doesn’t know where the harbour is.” Schopenhauer


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