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Non-verbal communication is not listened, it is perceived and it support sales. This is the way it happens and in this post we are going to explain what it is and why it is important for companies in sales processes. Let’s begin!

Non-verbal communication is not listened but it is perceived and it supports sales processes in a company

What is non-verbal communication?

As we have said, non-verbal communication is not a language that can be listened, it is a body issue and it involves different attitudes, gestures, reactions…. that can sometimes be decisive in a relevant choice for a company.

⇢ The importance of non-verbal communication in sales

Body language is very important in the sales process of every company as it has an impact on it and helps in decision making. So that, it is essential to know what message we want to convey and how we are going to do it, as in bidirectional communication words are not the only thing we have to worry about, visual contact and behaviour are also important.

Non-verbal elements in sales

In order to be proficient in sales without using words, you should keep in mind these non-verbal communications elements.

More visual contact

Comfort, tranquility and self-confidence. This is what the receptor of your message will get, so keep visual contact with them during meetings to make them feel more comfortable, and above all, inspire confidence so that the decision of buying your company products or services is closer than ever.

Be careful with your posture

The posture you have can be perceived in different ways, so try to look relaxed, calm and be true to your customers: do not force it because it will seem as if you were not acting in a natural way, do not cross the legs or the arms because you will look defensive. You shouldn’t adopt a passive posture either as it will seem as if you are not as interested as you should.

Your expression matters!

It is said that your face is the reflection of your soul so show the best version of yourself: keep visual contact with customers who take the part (as we said in the first point), show interest and listen carefully. Smile in the right moments and, at least, start and finish the visit with a huge smile.

Contact… in the right measure

Remember that, when you receive a customer, the hand shaking should be strong but not aggressive to not to show a dominating attitude..During the meeting, you can use physical contact to ask for attention. For example, touching other people’s forearm will show kind of trust or complicity.

Control your gestures

When we speak in public, we sometimes make too many gestures. We have to be careful with this because it can distract the receiver.Every gesture has a different interpretation so we are going to explain some of them:

  • Fingers in the mouth: You can think that the person feels pressed.
  • Covering your mouth with the hand or some fingers: It may show the person is thinking carefully of what has just been said.
  • Yawning, giving a blank stare or biting nails: They are clear signs of boredom.
  • Hand on the chin: It means the person is evaluating some fact and looking for an answer or decision.
  • Playing with the pen or hitting the desk: These gestures try to catch the attention and awaken the interest.

In conclusion, the best recipe for closing a sale in a successful way is developing your communicative skills to be an expert and learn to use body language to your advantage. This must also be complemented by an affective sales model and powerful job skills.

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said

Peter Drucker


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