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Knowing how to organize a business trip properly is really that important? Yes, definitely. If you go on vacation you can leave some aspect to improvisation, but on a business trip you can not take that risk. Therefore, you must prepare it in advance and know what issues you should consider before getting on the plane.

According to a study by American Express, 95% of the professionals who travel with assiduity consider that thanks to it they are more effective

It is true that technology allows us to shorten distances with our customers or collaborators, but nothing is more operative than traditional face-to-face. Even so, if at any time you can not move, it will be very useful to know the 4 advantages of holding meetings by videoconference.

Tips for business trips

As we want you to take advantage of your trip and not have untimely incidents, we will delve into the subject with some tips that will be very useful. Do you have paper and pen?

Buy the ticket in advance

We know it, many times the companies notify with little time, but once they tell you, you should be able to get the ticket as soon as possible. With this you will get a cheaper price and you can, if you are interested, choose a seat. For long trips it is interesting that you study the possibility of traveling in business because you will need to be more comfortable.

Decide carefully your accommodation

On the internet you can find many attractive hotels, but these do not always fit the needs of a man or a businesswoman. You should notice especially in the proximity to work centers and that the hotel has, just in case, work rooms, desk in the rooms and free internet connection.

Take a hand luggage with you

Your suitcase will go with you during most of your stay, so carrying a large or heavy suitcase could become a real problem. It is well known that It’s easier said than done, but you have to try to fit all your stuff in a small suitcase. To achieve this, it is convenient that you pack your things with time so you can identify what is essential for your trip. Good Luck!

Choosing the right mode of transport

Booking a transfer from the airport to the hotel is always a great option: you will gain time and safety. Find out about the different options and choose the one that suits you best.

If you travel abroad: find out about the language and traditions of the country

To start off on the right track, it is convenient that you learn some basic words of the main language as well as the customs and traditions of the country. As you probably already know, the business world is not the same in all places, so do some research about how to adapt to each place would be very helpful. If you are going to travel to the middle East or the Arab World you will be interested in reading the article Tips for doing business in the Arab world.

Travel and leisure: not everything is work

The priority of your trip is to work. We know that. But surely you can get some space to enjoy the cuisine and the various attractions in the city. Check some travel pages with user ratings can be very useful.In addition, you should pay attention to the details that may seem less important on the first place: do they use the same power plug?, Do I need travel insurance?, Do I have to be vaccinated? How many cell phones do I need?If you follow these recommendations, you will surely meet the expectations you set for yourself and return very satisfied. For someone who has never had the opportunity to travel for work, business trips are synonymous with: jet lag, stress, many hours of flight or sleep alone. Obviously it is usual that these circumstances occur, but still, according to a study by Booking, 30% of professionals who travel regularly are so happy with this aspect of their work, they would be willing to charge less for continue in a position that gives them the opportunity to travel. And now,  Do we start planning the next destination?

“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things”

Henry Miller


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