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Marta Gómez

Imagine waking up to the sound of ocean waves, while the sun and breeze caress your face. And no, we’re not describing your typical summer vacation; we’re talking about what could be an ideal workday thanks to the innovative concept of workation. Do you already know this term, or are you still reading because you sense this will interest you? 😌


What is workation?

Workation combines these two terms: work and vacation. This trend allows employees to work from a vacation spot in order to provide them with an additional incentive and foster their productivity in a relaxed environment. Ideal for breaking away from the work routine! ⛱️

Benefits of workation

Many countries have already focused on the workation trend, as it benefits not only the worker but also provides great advantages for companies.

There is no doubt that when we feel valued and have the opportunity to work in more pleasant environments, we are more productive. And hey, facing the workday when you know a good swim at the beach awaits you as a reward is a bit motivating, right? Additionally, workation is an ideal solution for teams. Working in a vacation spot is an experience that undoubtedly facilitates creativity and collaboration. Furthermore, communication is much easier, allowing ideas to flow naturally.

Requirements to implement workation in a company

Now that we’ve romanticized the concept of workation, let’s see what a company needs to implement this model. Pay attention to our definitive checklist, you will need:

  1. Of course, well-configured laptops for employees.
  2. A good, secure cloud connectivity system for working from anywhere.
  3. A communication channel for the company, such as email or platforms like Teams, Slack, or Zoom that offer video call options. It would also be beneficial for your employees to have company phones to facilitate communication via calls.
  4. A flexible time tracking system. As companies, we’re interested in meeting objectives and ensuring our employees are motivated, right? So, flexible entry and exit times in this workation model are the solution to allow them to be productive while enjoying the location.

Remote work, telecommuting and digital nomads

Now that you have some understanding of what workation is, you might have a bit of confusion between the terms remote work, telecommuting, digital nomad, and workation. Let’s clarify:


For telecommuting to exist, there must be a traditional office model. This means that telecommuting involves going to the office but also having the possibility to enjoy periodic days or specific days to work remotely.

Remote Work

Remote work doesn’t necessarily involve belonging to an office; a remote worker does everything 100% online.

Digital Nomad

As the name suggests, a digital nomad is constantly traveling. Digital nomads work remotely without having an office or a fixed place of residence.


Preferred destinations for workation

It’s time to choose the perfect destination for your workation. Beach, mountain, or a hybrid? According to the Kayak Work from Wherever Index, the top ten destinations in order are:

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. Romania
  4. Mauritius
  5. Japan
  6. Malta
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Panama
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Germany

Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll surely find a destination that best suits your needs. But beware! In addition to the location itself, it’s crucial to consider that the accommodation has reliable internet connection, a quiet environment conducive to concentration, and a space equipped with ergonomic chairs and desks for comfortable work.


Other uses of workation

Workation in team buildings

Workation can be an excellent tool to strengthen relationships among teams. Companies can organize group workations as part of team building activities. We’ve already seen that it’s the ideal solution to promote collaboration, camaraderie, and team cohesion. What are you waiting for to propose it?

Workation as a goal reward

Workation can also be used as a reward for employees who achieve specific goals or surpass certain challenges. Not only will you incentivize individual performance, but you’ll also promote a positive work culture and recognition within the company. Win-win!

Workation in coworking spaces

In addition to these ideas, you could consider establishing collaborations with local companies or choosing coworking spaces as venues for organizing your workation. For many workers, this is the ultimate solution, as they’ll be able to enjoy all the comforts of a productive environment without having to worry about logistics or distractions. Want to know more advantages of doing your workation in a vacation spot with a coworking space? As experts in the field, we’ll tell you the main advantages in detail! 👇🏼

You’ll benefit from a greater diversity of services and resources that you wouldn’t have if you were teleworking from your hotel room. From the basics, like having a suitable desk, to access to collaborative areas and meeting rooms.

Espacios con cocina compartidos

 Lexington Castellana 79 coworking spaces, Madrid. 

Additionally, besides having the opportunity to blend work with relaxation, you’ll also be able to connect with other professionals and expand your network of contacts. And who knows, with a bit of luck, you might even enjoy some after-work events during your workation days. Can you think of a better plan? 😌

If your next workation takes you to Madrid or Barcelona, don’t hesitate to check out our coworking spaces in the best areas of Madrid and Barcelona! We’ll be delighted to welcome your team and provide them with the best services to work productively in an inspiring environment. 😉 Fill out the form, and we’ll clarify any doubts you may have! ⬇️


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