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Due to the safety measures the authorities have recommended us, millions of people have got to move their offices to their homes for a few weeks now. Besides, those leisure and sportive activities we could enjoy outdoors have suddenly stopped; gyms, sports centres and every leisure areas are now closed.

Thus, if we don’t deal well with these changes, both our physical and mental health can be severely affected by this sudden change upon our habits and routines while working or studying. That is why it is essential to develop healthy habits while working from home so as to avoid that this productivity race harms your physical and emotional health.

Taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally, is very important during this time

We are pretty sure that we are going to be back at our workspaces, little by little, in this “new normality”, but we are also positive that we will have to maintain balance between going to the office and staying working at home. We bring you today some healthy habits you can include in your daily routine to help you feel good both physically and mentally while working at home. Trust us, everything else will be just easier to carry on with!

1. Have a balance diet

If time was an excuse until now, it is not anymore! Constant stress and the lack of time we usually have may have prevented you from maintaining a more balanced diet, so maybe this is just the right time to start eating healthier! Improving your habits and eating healthy will not just help you with your productivity, but also with your personal health! Enjoy your time at home cooking great meals and avoid ready-made food and fast-food!

2. Workout

Don’t let the limited space you have or the lack of freedom of movement be any obstacle for your daily workout! You can find a huge variety of routines for you to work out at home. You won’t need much space nor any specific material. Practice some Pilates or yoga, follow exercise routines for different parts of your body, stretching, high intensity workouts, or even Zumba and dance classes!

Choose the routine you enjoy the most and that best suits your shape and don’t stop moving! You know, why not taking advantage of those breaks and practice some exercises to help you relax at the office? Your body and your mind will thank you latter.

3. Take care of your mind

Don’t forget to train and take care of your mind, because your mental health is as important as your physical health for total wellness. Even more now, during these days. Besides your physical workout, please don’t forget to save sometime for mental gymnastics to keep you mind awake and moving while taking a break from work. These exercises will keep your mind alive while relaxing and thinking on something else.

Mindfulness is a relaxation technique that you can add to your daily routine. It helps you with stress and anxiety, but also improves your creativity, your ability to focus, your memory and it also protects your brain. No matter what technique you choose, listen and take care of your mind.

4. Keep an organized schedule

It is important that you draw yourself an organized schedule while working from home, spending a limited amount of time for each activity. Working long hours does not mean being more efficient nor productive. Here you may find some advices on how to be more productive while working form home, helping you avoiding distractions and improving your job performance to the fullest. We know this can be tricky now that you are at home, maybe even exposed to many more interruptions than before at the office. Also, take advantage form the latest trends in technology and work with the top apps that will help you better manage your job, quicker and easier.

The best way to keep up with your job is to carefully follow your schedule, as close as you possibly can. Don’t fall over the easy mistake of thinking that you have a long day ahead of you to achieve your goals or complete your requirements, to end up feeling frustrated because you have not accomplished what you wanted to. The best way not to fall into the trap is to organize yourself a tidy timetable with your routines, to create healthy habits. Unfortunately, this is the only way to maintain a healthy balance between your personal life and your job now that we are all working from home.

5. Get 8 hours of sleep everyday

Don’t forget to include your 8 hours of sleep in your schedule. Rest well and enough is essential to feel awake during the day, stay positive and to be able to face all your daily responsibilities in the best way possible.

Sleeping well has many benefits for our health: it improves our memory and creativity, it protects our heart and avoids depression, even preventing us from getting numerous diseases. It helps us just feeling healthier in general. So, besides enjoying the pleasure that is sleeping well and tight all night, benefit from all these positive effects it has on our body when we let it sleep the time it needs.

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.





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