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We are approaching the final stretch of the year, perfect time to take stock! 12 months full of successes, new colleagues,  some stressful moments and endless situations that are remembered (even) with longing, right?

A new year begins, so take stock of what we are about to leave behind and propose those goals you desire, breaking with the work habits that prevent you from getting them

In this post we will focus on the points we should improve for the start of the new year, 4 changes in work habits that will help us improve as professionals and as part of a team, let’s know them!

#1> Always look at the possitive side of things

Sometimes we can get frustrated by not reaching the business goals we have set, either by the ambition of these milestones or because we have not been ready for action. But even putting all the meat in the spit, we must assume each ‘defeat’ and be aware that we will get it next time. In each and every one of the situations it is KEY to be able to take out the positive part, and that is that of everything (good or bad) there is always something that can be learned, always!

#2> Plan yourself and become disorganized … what?

Yes, that’s right. Look for the opposite: if you are disorganized at work, focus your efforts next 2018 in keeping an organized and fully planned work routine (try at least). And if you are a methodical person and you and your agenda are completely mimicked, try to detach yourself little by little from it, break from time to time with your work routine and you will learn to be more creative and let your imagination run wild. Inspiration is closer than you think, go ahead! 

#3> Recognize achievements

If you do not have the habit of recognizing the good work of your workers or colleagues, start doing it next 2018. They need a motivating source that inspires them to continue working in the same line and help them grow as professionals, giving the best of themselves and reaching the business objectives set. In this way, they will also do their bit to make the company go ‘like silk’. So repeat: “in 2018 I commit myself to celebrate the successes and to share the good news with my employees”;)

# 4> Meet your colleagues outside the office

Practicing networking among your colleagues and employees is a great way to build relationships that help good performance and boost the overall productivity of the company. If there is trust, respect and full knowledge about the rest of the employees, without a doubt, everything will be better, much better!

“Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, thus creating the bricks for success”Ted Sundquist


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