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We are building the new normal for our workspaces

Lexington responds to COVID-19 – Plan 1 [29-05-2020]

Protective measures to be regularly updated

We are ready for your return

COVID-19 and the situation is has brought up to our lives will for sure change our past habits, in both our personal and working environment. From Lexington, we want to help you build a new normality, a new way to face reality so we can minimize the impact and just move forward. No matter what, keep every precaution in mind.

To do this, we have come up with a plan to ensure safety at its best for our customers, for you to feel safe and sound while returning to work at Lexington.

Likewise, we would like to remind you about how important it is to all work together past this, to comply with the advised measures and to promise a collective responsibility facing this landscape.

We are ready.

Measures to maintain safety at Lexington


↠ We have disabled every fingerprint reader both at the building’s entrance and at the office.

↠ We have requested the building’s owners some measures regarding:

  • Stablishing a maximum capacity for the elevators
  • Air treatment
  • Intensifying cleaning activities on every button, rails and handrails, knobs, readers and elevators.

*Information to be updated in future editions of the #SafeReturnToLexington Plan



We have enabled disinfection areas throughout all Lexington centres, with hand sanitizer, disposable hygiene kits and bins. You will be able to access them as you both enter and leave the Lexington spaces.

↠ The Lexington staff works with the necessary equipment so as to stay safe, masks and gloves. We highly recommend you, as a Lexington user, to use them too.

↠ We have installed protective screens on every reception desk at Lexington.

↠ We have put up informative posters so as to remind you of the importance of social distancing.

↠ We shall continue recording every visitor’s personal data so as to properly control the limited capacity of our spaces and then allowing any possible inquiry from the health authorities.

↠ We have put together a special area for your deliveries and courier, well indicated, avoiding unnecessary contact.

↠ Our team will continue to disinfect every package, using recommended products against COVID-19.



Our team will hang up informative Safe Seats stickers on those areas that can be used, maintaining the recommended social distancing on every way possible.

↠ We count on extra daily support on the cleaning work on every Lexington space, using specifically recommended products.

↠ Methacrylate screens will be available to place on your office so as to define each workstation.

↠ All paper items have been removed from common areas such as newspapers, leaflets, notebooks…

↠ We will make sure that every user is able to safely use the vending and coffee machines though hand sanitizers or protection kits. Those will be available before and after each use.


↠ Our team has removed the kitchenware and every item of common use out of our kitchens.

↠ Dishwashers are temporary disabled.

↠ The access to the kitchen areas is now limited, always maintaining the safety distance that has been recommended and avoiding multitudes.


↠ Meeting rooms have been adapted, seeing its maximum capacity down to 50%.

↠ After each use, the meeting room will be clean and disinfected (tables, armrests, knobs and electronic devices).

↠ We are demanding our catering suppliers to follow a strict protocol and to be extremely cautious.


↠ As a preventive measure, the use of showers is prohibited.

↠ You will find informative posters on every toilet with the recommended safety measures against COVID-19.

These measures will be updated and amplified as needed in future editions of the #SafeReturnToLexington Plan.

Our main goal is to create the safest and healthiest of spaces so as to all our users can come back to work with the greatest confidence.


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