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María Abraín

If it’s among your goals to become an authentic businessperson who’s able to achieve (and more importantly, maintain) success for your company in pandemic and new-normalities times, you should embody the perfect leader, but also the most talented inventor, sales-person, coach and lawyer, full-time! One of the most sensible topics you’ll have to face, and the one that will demand a more thorough specialization, is everything related to the legal framework around processes, to the lawyer *not all of us* have inside. That’s why we want to share the importance of *external* legal advice for your business, since it’s the field that usually casts more doubts that the ones that it resolves. We’ll answer aaaaall your questions!

Legal advisers will deal with everything related to the legal framework and regulations which, if not complied with, could lead to serious problems for the company.

Q: What is “legal advice”?

A: Each business day presents 8 full hours (sometimes even more) of possible unexpected events and steps too high to climb… and many of them could be related to the legal atmosphere. Legal advice companies will deal with everything that has to do with the legal framework and regulations which, if not complied with, could lead to serious problems for the company. By all means, we don’t want that, do we?

The perfect scenario for our company would present a group of experienced lawyers, all working together, one for each branch of law (civil law, trade law, labour law, contentious-administrative or social law). For all those who couldn’t even think of so many professionals within the company, there’s a very popular practice: externalising legal advice and working with a specialised law firm. Let us tell you more about it!

Q: What’s the importance of having legal advice?

A: Your legal team will become your best ally! Every time a situation or the legal framework of a certain issue turns more complex than you were expecting, or simply you don’t know what to do with what you have on your plate, you should consider getting legal advice.

Could you please give us an example? Sure! The mission of this legal companion of yours will be to give you guidance on critical processes (legal, bureaucratic…), mediation and playing a vital role creating the internal legal framework so complying with basic standards stays as easy as possible.

Q:  What would be the legal advisor job description?

A: A legal advisor (or team) will help you beyond the tasks we just mentioned. Let us show you!

  • Designing internal legal policies to facilitate complying with current legislation, as well as keeping the company to date with the latest updates and reforms.
  • Participating in labour negotiations.
  • Assisting the company’s management as an adviser (as its name suggests ;)) in decision making within, again, the legal framework of the company.
  • Play the role of a labour inspector for each department and draw reports.
  • And, only if necessary, assisting the company in litigation they may be involved.

Q:  When is legal advice required in a company?

A: Literally, all the time! Your company can come across situations that may seem easy to deal with at first, but, in the end, they require legal intervention. In this moment, legal advice becomes indispensable! Nonetheless, there are three examples where an adviser figure who is familiar with your company and your field is a must!

To obtain advice in general

One of the main tasks of an adviser is to stay updated on the latest regulations in your field so you don’t have to come into such details. That’s why this figure is the right person to come to when you need help (business-related, obviously). Big decisions, new acquisitions or networking opportunities with other companies… anything you need, they’ll be there for you!

To participate in sensible negotiations

Or maybe not sensible, but hard negotiations nonetheless! The role the adviser plays as intermediary between the employer and the employee is the most popular service they offer! Think of them as a connection with your workforce and a double check on them meeting every requirement (as well as you!). Besides, in many occasions, their services are well appreciated: new hires, sick leaves, collective agreements…

Defending the company’s interest in litigation

Even though those are situations we don’t want to see ourselves involved in, your legal adviser will give you extraordinary assistance in the matter. These are the occasions that will stick in your mind for good!

Q: To internalise or to externalise your legal advice? That’s the question!

A: Because, is it really necessary to have this whole legal team in your company all the time? Most companies tend to externalise this department so they can turn to this professional team only when necessary. However, there are companies who prefer to internalise this service due to their activity or the regularity of processes requiring this legal advice. This team must know the company and their teams in detail.

Want our advice? Study your company! In Lexington we strongly believe that, if you want something well done, do it yourself! That’s why we encourage hiring an expert on the matter to achieve the perfect balance. This way, they will be able to deal with the day by day with a qualified vision, and also be the nexus between the company’s interest and that external legal team you’ll call from time to time.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It depends, as always! If you finally decide to internalize this legal adviser, the cost would be the same as hiring any other professional in any other department! The average wage for a lawyer or an attorney changes a lot based on their experience, their field of work and even the city.

On the other hand, if you make the decision hiring an external attorney, the cost for each occasion can go from 170€ in Barcelona to 185€ in Madrid. Again, the complexity of the process, the cachet of said attorney or their law firm may increase the price.

We hope all your doubts were solved! Remember that, as our workspaces members, we can help you finding the best legal adviser. After 40 years working to meet your expectations, we have a full phone book, we’ll find the one that most likely fits your needs! Our community is our priority ❤️

“Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.”

Benjamin Franklin


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