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More and more companies in the financial sector are taking advantage of technological innovations to adapt to the digital environment that surrounds us and thus offer products and / or services that allow them to make a difference against their competition.

The Fintech phenomenon presents today huge challenges for the entire financial sector, a sector that tends to be by nature more complex when compared with others. So, in order that we all can understand better, the fintech influencers have born, and in Lexington we introduce you to 10 of the most important Spanish influencers in this sector, keep an eye on them!

Jacobo Ferrando

With more than 16 years’ experience in the financial sector, he has his own blog, Jacobo Ferrando, in which you can find out directly everything about personal finance, alternative financing, Fintech and other economics and investment topics.

María Muñoz

She is, doubtless, one of the top influencers of Spain in the fintech sector. María is a member of the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA) and her Twitter profile was selected as Tweco account (named for those Twitter accounts most influential on economic news). He regularly collaborates in media such as Expansión and Onda Cero and has a blog where you may follow her analysis on the world of finance.

Pepe Cerezo

Pepe Cerezo, who has been a specialist in strategy and digital business development for more than 15 years, is a Fintech influencer who through his personal blog will make you understand in a simple way everything about the financial sector and its more technological vision. Meet him!

Jordi Ros

This fintech influencer ensures that his great passions are stock market and teaching. And for that very reason, he is financial adviser, trader and collaborating professor in ESIC. If you want to expand your financial knowledge, in your personal blog you will find very complete analyses and articles on different aspects of the fintech sector.

José María Casero

José María Casero shares his “Financial Sherpa” blog with strategies, tactics and proven tools for financing. In addition, if you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, manager or financial director, you should know that this fintech influencer will help you to define your needs and strategies with the objective of always improving access to financing.

Jesús Guerrero

He is the founder of the crowding platform “Microinversores”, in which he gives the means for the entrepreneurs to expose their ideas and thus obtain the financing that they need. Likewise, we must point out that Jesús Guerrero is director of the well-known digital newspaper “”, which focuses on the dissemination of articles focused on alternative finance and fintech topics.

Carina Szpilka

Following her important step as ING Direct as General Manager, this influencer of the fintech sector decided to start new professional adventures. Currently it is immersed in “K Fund”, a fund of venture capital that helps to drive the evolution of the Spanish ecosystem of startups.

Martín Huete

Expert analyst of the investment services industry, co-founder and board member of Finizeens. In his blog you will find all the information and news on the disruption of the fintech sector and the transformation of this sector.

Javier Megias

He is Business Angel, adviser to several startups and investment funds and CEO and Co-founder of STARTUPXPLORE, Spain’s largest startup and investor community and one of the most active in Europe. In his personal blog deals with topics related to business, startups and financing for companies.

Carlos Otto

In addition to being a professor of journalism at IEBS Business School, he works for media such as La Vanguardia, Antena 3 and El Confidencial, where he writes articles focusing on the world of startups, technology and finance.


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