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If you are an unconditional fan of video games, you surely know some of the current TOP gamers from Spain, or at least, you are familiar with their alias. Lexington has compiled this brief list of top 10 influencers in our country.

Video games and humor: an inseparable pair succeeding among the youngest, turning its gamers in truly celebrities in the social media

1. Rubén Doblas Gunderse, alias Elrubius

This youtuber from Malaga has connected to almost 24 million subscribers to his channel, in which he publishes videos of gameplays and videogames moves (in a humoristic tone), such as Minecraft, League of Legends, World of Warcraft or Super Mario Maker.

He is certainly the best known gamer influencer from Spain, the second one in Spanish as a language, and the third most popular world-wide youtuber. You have to know who he is!

2. Guillermo Díaz, alias Willyrex

Can you imagine turning your most beloved hobby into your professional career? Willyrex has made it possible

Something that is outstanding about him is his level of commitment, sharing with his almost 12 million subscribers at least one video a day. Main content you can find in his channel focuses on gameplays from the well-known videogame Minecraft

3. Samuel Molina, alias FuKuy

He is not only a youtuber (‘by accident’ as he confesses in his channel) and a gamer, he also designs videogames and teaches at The School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI) in Barcelona

4. Samuel de Luque, alias Vegetta777

He is considered the second best recognized youtuber in Spain and the forth in the Spanish language with more subscribers. He is also a gamer and has written a saga of five books together with Willyrex.

5. Sara Piñeiro, alias Sarinha

She is one of the gamer girls from Spain with biggest influence having almost 3 million subscribers in her Youtube Channel. Her outstanding content: Minecraft with different Mods, gameplays of Plants and Zombies Garden Warfare, GTA V, Super Mario, Sims, among others.

6. Miguel Ángel Rogel Pérez, alias Mangelrogel

Mangelrogel is a Spanish gamer with more than five million subscribers in his Youtube Channel, in which he focuses on gameplays of several different videogames with youtubers such as CheetoSenior, Eddisplay or Elrubius.

7. Borja Luzuriaga Vázquez, alias Luzu

Luzu is not only known and followed by thousands of subscribers in his channel LuzuGames, in which he lengthy plays to Minecraft or GTA V and Pokemon GO. He also has two more Youtube Channels: LuzuVlogs, with videos going all over LA (where he currently lives) and LuzuyLana, where to find advise about love and psychology.

8. David Canovas Martínez, alias TheGrefg

This young gamer from Murcia has almost 4 million subscribers in his Youtube channel (in less than a year he reached 1 million subscribers) with videos focused mainly on the video games Call of Duty, Clash Royale, Geometry Dash or Counter Strike Global Ofensive

Last day of each year he uploads a special video with the best moments in his channel, on top of customize his video miniatures to make them more fun and innovative.

9. Frank Garnes, alias bysTaXx o sTaXx

He is considered one of the first youtubers in uploading gameplays in Spain and his channel currently has more than 4 million subscribers. The content that he uploads is about videos of GTA, Counter Strike and Black Ops and ocassionally he records gameplays of Battlefield, FIFA y some Challenges.

10. Alejandro Bravo Yáñez, alias Alexby11

With more than 6 millions subscribers, this Madrid-born gamer is a celebrity on internet due to his gameplays of GTA V, Rushi’s Mod, Game Dev Tycoon, Assassin’s Creed, COD, Battlefield and Minecraft, among others.

The number of Spanish gamers with great amount of influence is very large, so if you know any other Spanish influencer in the video game community that you think should be part of the list we shared, we encourage you to let us know!

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