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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

Music is able to reach all minds and stimulate creativity, including those who claim to have it very hidden, and is that it represents the maximum source of inspiration and motivation for those who have dared to launch a new business idea.

Music is capable of stimulating creativity, even that of those who claim to have it very hidden

Press play and enjoy this list of motivational music for entrepreneurs and … Don´t stop inspiration!

  1. Do not Stop Me Now, Queen

This famous song of the British band Queen could not be missing in our list of motivating songs for entrepreneurs, and its lyrics encourages to meet new challenges and risk to achieve everything that we propose.

  1. Live life, Coldplay

If you want to sweep the world of business, this song will help you to be 100% motivated to do so. FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola was already using it to make the players jump into the football field convinced that all they wanted was to win

  1. Chariots of fire, Vangelis

The soundtrack of the movie “Chariots of fire” is one of the best songs to listen to before you start  working in a new project.

  1. You only live once, The Strokes

The message of this song is clear, you only live once. So, take the best of each moment and risk to goal  your dreams.

  1. My way, Frank Sinatra

The classics are always a good choice, and this song by the renowned Frank Sinatra is very inspirational, since its lyrics teach us to live without any regrets and to give the best of us in the day to day.

  1. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

This is the main song of one of the most motivating films for entrepreneurs, Rocky III: it shows that with constancy and the competitive spirit you can get all your  purposes.

  1. Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys

If you are an entrepreneur with the desire to achieve all your challenges, we recommend that you give the play to this song and start your path as motivated as possible.

  1. I will survive, Gloria Gaynor

Regardless of the obstacles you may encounter in the long journey of entrepreneurship, you must always keep in mind one thing: in any case, you will achieve it.

  1. Don’t worry be happy, Bobby McFerrin

Because in life, as in the work routine, maintaining a smile and betting on a positive philosophy is key to success.

  1. Satisfaction, The Rolling Stone

It is a song that will encourage you to continue your projects in a more relaxed way. Increasing productivity requires disconnecting our mind and body from time to time.

  1. Con viento a favor, Rosana

As the beginning of Rosana’s song says “Oh oh oh dare you, there is nothing to lose”. And so, every entrepreneur is because of his desire to pursue his dreams and achieve success without fear of losing.

  1. Tu oportunidad, Taxi

The opportunities have to be taken advantage of and as this song from the Gibraltarian pop rock group Taxi says: “There is nothing impossible for anyone who knows how to wait, no matter if you have fallen back up, suddenly life offers an opportunity.”

  1. Voy a pasármelo bien, Hombres G

No one has said that undertaking is a simple task, but what is certain is that by adopting a positive attitude everything is seen in another way. So, put this song before starting each working day and … be full of motivation!

  1. Color esperanza, Diego Torres

Hope is the last thing lost, that’s what this song wants to convey to us. Give the play in the most complicated moments and convince yourself that if you want, you can.

  1. Bonito, Jarabe de Palo

If  you need lots of motivation, this song will give it to you. The letter invites us to take our lives with joy and, above all, with a good mood.


“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable”

Leonard Bernstein



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