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The term “Growth Hacking” first appeared in the United States in 2010 and, since then, it has been spreading rapidly across all markets. But, do you know what Growth Hacking is? It is used to refer to a discipline that tries to get the most out of a business strategy by making the minimum possible investment.

“Growth Hacking uses scientific research based on hypotheses, tests and results”

Most startups use the benefits of these techniques due to their limited investment power and, so far, the results of their application are being a success. This fact is encouraging companies of all sizes to apply the disciplines derived from Growth Hacking to online businesses, online marketing strategies and blogs.  “Growth Hacking uses scientific research based on hypotheses, tests and results”

Growth Hacking Techniques

Some of the most widespread marketing techniques currently come from the results of research associated with Growth Hacking. These are the most used:

1. Free version 

Most startups internationally recognizes that use this technique to attract new users. The practice is to offer a free version of the product they market, but with limitations or advertising interruptions. These limitations disappear if the user agrees to pay for the service. Some examples of this action are clearly applied in the strategic plans of companies such as Spotify, Netflix or Dropbox.  Did you know that the free versions respond to a Growth Hacking strategy?

2. Exclusivity

Exclusive products generate more attention than those that are available to all audiences. For this reason, Growth Hacking has extended a technique based on exclusive invitations, in which you can only access the visualization and purchase of a product if previously another user with the exclusive one has used one of your few invitations to offer access to the product. site.

3. Game

The technique of the game comes from the hand of others of the most booming terms of recent times in terms of marketing is concerned, the Gamification. This term refers to the small games that companies include in their sites and that, after their use, benefit the user in some aspect. The most outstanding example of this technique is the one used by the Dropbox company. And, in exchange for more storage space on your site, invites users to perform different actions: installation of your program on several computers, invitation to other users, etc.

4. Emergency sale

 It is quite common to find in some websites an accountant that warns us against people who are interested in the same product that the user is viewing or also see a countdown that warns of the time left for a special offer or promotional price to end. This technique invites to accelerate the decision of the purchase in order not to lose the product or the offer.

5. Personalized communication 

Users receive a multitude of advertising impacts throughout the day, so Growth Hacking proposes to personalize each business communication in order to make the person to whom it is directed special. Some of the essential keys to get personalized communications are as simple as extracting from the databases the name of the user or talk to you one-on-one.  Now that you know what Growth Hacking is and some of its most popular techniques, you can surely recognize other practices that seek the same purpose: increasing sales by minimizing investment.

“If the opportunity does not call, build a door”

Milton Berle


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