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Hello! How are you, fellow readers? I couldn’t wait to take over the Lexington Magazine once and for all and spend a little while chatting with you. Let me introduce myself first! My name is Fabián Hernández and I’ve been working as a Product Manager in Lexington for a few months now. So, what’s my job in the sales department? Besides dealing with the meeting room reservations in Madrid and Barcelona and organizing our client’s most successful events, I’m responsible for the Business Address and Virtual Office services and packs. Yes, I know, I’m sure you are wondering “what is a Virtual Office and how does it work?”, right?

Stop scrolling and welcome to this brand-new masterclass on why a Virtual Office is just what your company was looking for. Ready, steady… go!

What is a Virtual Office?

Let’s start at the beginning: what is exactly a Virtual Office?

In order to give you a clear definition of this concept so you get it at a glance, Virtual Office, just like the one you’ll find in Lexington flexible workspaces’ catalogue, is the complete experience of renting an office with us, but all virtually, with no rent to pay and from all over the world.

Think of it as an all-inclusive plan! Our Front-Desk daily support, common working and informal meeting areas, break points, correspondence and courier handling and a monthly voucher for your meetings with customers and suppliers becoming a PRO. You’ll have access to all that from every single city in Spain and the whole world, actually, meaning your company based on those cities will still have presence in the main financial areas in Madrid and Barcelona.

This solution is perfect for those companies opening their markets in Spain or in its main cities, boosting their energy even before moving to the big city.

What’s the purpose of a Virtual Office? Benefits and functions

There’s a ton of different functions related to this virtual service, and by trusting a workplace expert like Lexington, you’ll be able to leave your daily paperwork behind and on the best hands possible, so you can focus on your business idea.

So, what’s the purpose of a Virtual Office? Undoubtedly, the main character in this story is bringing together the expertise and experience of a workspaces operator, all the resources your company may need and the best locations in Madrid and Barcelona.

Because of that and its flexible nature, everything that comes to my mind is a benefit itself! Let me tell you a bit more about some of them:

Premium location

Locating your headquarters in the main strategic areas of the city with no extra expensive rent attached is a huge benefit itself that will boost your brand image. Being able to connect your company’s name with Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid or Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona is priceless, we know, but what a price indeed with this virtual service! Maybe your local team does not need a a big and open space to work, or more than half of your employees work on remote, or even that your main activity must be located somewhere else… no matter the scenario, having a business address in Madrid or Barcelona will always make a difference for your clients and suppliers.

You’ll gain in trust, brand image, accessibility and prestige, without moving into a new office!

Experienced team

Such a service demands a high-qualified team behind the scenes, and that’s why the Virtual Office in Lexington is supported by a professional front-desk team. Quick and efficient call handling (sending you reports with all the data collected or transferring them directly to your personal phone number) correspondence and courier reception (sending it back to you once a week or immediately, depending on your instructions), all of that on top of greeting your visitors and completing secretarial and administrative tasks you may require.

Prime members

Being a Virtual Office client in Lexington will instantly make you full-fledged of our community, which is part of the flexible workspace’s nature. Such environments will always work as a connecting thread with team-work, networking and collaboration. Besides, Virtual Office members will also have access to events, journeys and non-profit initiatives run at the office.

Whom is this Virtual Office aimed at?

The Virtual Office service, given its flexibility, is aimed at all-sized companies, no matter their activity or dimensions. Whether you are a freelancer, a small or medium-sized company or a big multinational, the Virtual Office plan offers you support without taking into account the work-flow, calls or correspondence nor your team’s size, since every resource is equally available to everyone.

Plus, workspaces, break areas and meeting rooms are also prepared for teams of different sizes. That’s why, whatever your company type may be, the Virtual Office plan could perfectly meet your requirements and surpass your expectations.

Differences between Business Address and Virtual Office

 “But, Fabián, isn’t the Virtual Office and the Business Address plan the same thing?” you may ask. It’s fine, I understand the possible misunderstanding, but a Business Address is only one of the services include in the Virtual Office plan, they are not the same!  

Although the Virtual Office does include a business address for your company, this advanced pack adds many more benefits to it: an exclusive local phone number, always attended on your company’s behalf and following your instructions, among others.

And not only that, but you’ll also have access to our workspaces in Madrid and Barcelona if you become PRO. Even though other service packs do give you the opportunity of booking a meeting room, for instance, only PRO members will have a monthly voucher for these meeting and coworking spaces. Workdays in our workspaces are always less heavy to carry!

What does the Lexington Virtual Office include?

Maybe you’ll think I’m biased on this, but the Lexington Virtual Office in Madrid and the Virtual Office in Barcelona are some of the most thorough plans out there, but practically everything you can imagine, we have it!

✅ The Lexington Virtual Office does include a business address for your company.

✅ Our Virtual Office also includes support and administrative services as greeting visitors, handling calls and correspondence…

✅ The Lexington Virtual Office includes access to the Lexington Community too, a platform where you’ll be able to check your contract and invoices, to interact with the rest of the community and to stay updated on the latest news, events, non-profit initiatives and special occasions we’d celebrate with you.

✅ Our Virtual Office also includes an exclusive local phone number for your company, always answered on your company’s behalf and following your detailed instructions and by a multi-language speaking team.

✅ Along with it, the Lexington Virtual Office also gives you access to our meeting rooms in Madrid and Barcelona and to some inspiring workspaces all week with a free voucher for those going PRO.

It’s crystal clear that the Lexington Virtual Office provides your company and your project with all they need, with no long-term commitments. Oh, but let me tell you… once you meet our workspaces and our team, you won’t be able to leave! Get ready to add #FlexLover to your bio!

Please, do not hesitate to reach me if you have further questions, I’d be glad to advise you on your way towards becoming a full-on member in Lexington.

Thank you for reading me today. Talk to you soon, and see you around the office!

It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.”

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