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Mariví Encinas

How do we know that, you said? Hello! My name is Mariví Encinas and I am the Office Manager at Lexington La Moraleja workspaces. My job is to make sure that all you need, you got it! Besides, of course, guide your path and become part of the team. That being said, let me tell you something: here, in Lexington La Moraleja, is where you want to be this 2022.

Do you want to know why? Keep reading, I’ll tell you everything!

Why should you move to La Moraleja in 2022?

Let me rephrase… why wouldn’t you want to move to La Moraleja? Sticking to the facts only, La Moraleja has so much potential that locating your company here would only bring you great things. Can’t you see it? Let me give you some perspective from the inside.

First, one of the top benefits I would highlight would be the corporate and business vibe in Alcobendas. As you know, our flexible workspaces are located at the Miniparc Business Campus, a complex focused on taking care of big corporations and their teams. Besides, they don’t call Alcobendas the corporate giant for nothing! Companies like as Chevrolet or Vodafone already chose this northern area in Madrid to set their headquarters, making it what it is today.

And transport connections… oh, commuting is also exceptional! Accessibility is a big yes when it comes to reasons to rent an office in La Moraleja: forget about city madness and the constant headache that comes with it and embrace direct connections to the main roads, public transport at the very door, parking space always available and, along with endless options within the complex, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and the airport less than 10 minutes away! What else? We’ve got it!

Additional benefits with your workspace in La Moraleja

After years and years in charge of Lexington workspaces in La Moraleja, I can speak in depth about the real perks of this part of the capital and what it means having your company located in the north of Madrid. But, today, I’ll put myself on any other worker’s shoes to tell you what it all really translates into.


Creativity, motivation and mind-peace is what you’ll feel while looking through the window to the gardens surrounding our workspaces in La Moraleja. Leaving annoying noises behind but with access to all the possibilities the city centre could offer will give a gigantic boost to your team’s productivity, to their capacity to put things in perspective and to breath fresh air whenever they need to. Oh, and to enjoy the summer sun!


Flexible workspaces, brand-new common areas, phone booths, meeting rooms of all sizes, custom-made offices… what you like best in a place you’ll fall in love with. Actually, this is something we talk about a lot here: oh, this peace, oh how amazing it is to get out and breath!


Another great feature would be public transport and connections in La Moraleja! Because contrary to in the city centre, you’ll be able to choose when and how you come to the office. Feeling like taking the bus? We have the best connections in northern Madrid, with a bus coming and going every few minutes to Plaza de Castilla, metro ligero and so on. But what if I feel like driving? Great! Here you’ll find direct connections to M-30, M-40 and A-1. Besides, you won’t have to worry about restricted-access areas, parking space, traffic jams… no more craziness on a daily basis, basically!


Aa you know, Alcobendas and La Moraleja are already an icon in business. You’ll be sharing your working environment with the most influential companies in Spain (and beyond our frontiers), so networking opportunities will grow both in quantity and quality. If you want to aim higher, I would advise you to do whatever it takes and to look for the best opportunities where those you look up to already did.

What will you find in your new workspaces in Lexington La Moraleja?

Good, so, are you in? Establishing your company in La Moraleja is that decision to make towards success this 2022 but, why choose Lexington?

Again, how come you wouldn’t? First, we have an exceptional team here in La Moraleja, a team that will support you on your daily processes, always with a smile on their faces (working with Mariam Konni is amazing, sure thing! Do you want to meet her?); and then, of course, the best and most attractive common areas, far from the ordinary! We have everything you want and all those things you don’t know but need!

Besides, to close the experience, let us take care of you with coffee and purified water 365 days a year! Starting off your morning with a freshly made coffee and staying well-hydrated throughout the day is something else (yes, you are correct, it’s free for all our members! ;)).


Need more examples? This is what I came for! Let me share our customer’s success stories with you.


One of our most powerful customers, a company dedicated to business support systems, landed in Spain some years ago and chose Lexington La Moraleja as its first headquarters in our country. The team was quite small back then, so they rented a single office but, with time, they grew *a lot*, and so did its trust on us! They ended up having 5 office spaces in Lexington and, today, we still work together.


Again, I shouldn’t be saying such things, but an office with a corporate vibe in a natural environment has something special no one else has! And that’s exactly why we say it’s love at first sight! As you know, we also offer Virtual Office formulas, and some of them include access to our common areas and/or meeting rooms. Well, it wouldn’t be a first if some of these virtual customers in Lexington came to work at our coworking areas and fell in love with the spaces, so much they ended up renting their own office in La Moraleja. Some have a crush on a fictional character and they fell for our spaces.


When we talk about customised spaces, we talk about it big time. What can we do for your office? For instance, one of our customers (a company related so streamers and social media) experienced a significant growth over the past few years so, eventually, they needed a bigger space: an office that promoted teamwork and their team’s wellbeing. What did we do for them? We joined together two separated offices. Oh, and what about those dormant interior designers? Details as paintings, special structures, decorations in general are everything. It’s the best for the team’s motivation and creativity.

Let me tell you, I love my job as an Office Manager! Being able to walk with you every day, being able to have your back and to make you trust our team during your best (and worst) moments… it’s priceless. But it all gets better if you get to do it surrounded by nature, by sunlight… it’s very satisfying.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you feel curious about how it would feel to work here in Lexington La Moraleja. Spending this time with you has been the best! See you around the office? Come on, have a coffee, it’s on me! 


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