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The common areas in a working space represent a meeting point for workers, who take the opportunity to disconnect not only their body and mind but also, have fun and socialize with their colleagues. In addition, working in these common areas is becoming a growing trend in business centers, as they help to enhance creativity, teamwork and worker productivity.

The common areas are a big trend in business centers

At Lexington we are clearly committed with this trend and also with a dynamic and relaxed working style. Showing up next in more detail the different spaces offered by our business centers and all the benefits that the use of common areas will bring to your company and to the employees. Pay attention!

Types of common areas at Lexington workspaces:

  • Fun Room

In La Moraleja Business Center, a workspace located in Madrid you can find the ideal environment where work and fun go hand by hand. In addition to the garden areas, La Moraleja business center has an authentic Fun Room: a fun workspace with sofas, table football, PlayStation, darts … in which you will promote productivity and teamwork.

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  • Grandstand and grass

In the financial heart of Madrid is located the Cuzco Business Center, a workspace in which the 40% of the center is dedicated to enhance common areas. One of the most important areas are the grandstand with grass area, a dynamic and creative space where you can celebrate an informal meeting or internal presentations. Your meetings will undoubtedly be a success.

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  • Thinking Cells

Another work space offered by the Cuzco Business Center which identifies perfectly with this trend of work are the Thinking Cells: spaces with individual armchairs equipped with everything necessary for your most informal work meeting and without sacrificing comfort.

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  • Workcafé

The ‘coffee times’ become the perfect occasion for workers to disconnect from the work routine and take the opportunity to exchange views with other colleagues.This is the colorful Coffee Point that Lexington makes available to all its customers in its workspace Paseo de la Castellana, 79:zonas comunes lexington

Benefits provided by social areas or common areas to the company

The common areas help workers to be more productive and work more effectively, which directly and positively affects the results of the company itself. Just look, because we specify in this list some of the most remarkable benefits of using the common areas, there they go!:

  • Improve the productivity of workers and, as a result, the company obtains better results.
  • They encourage teamwork.
  • They provide more flexibility to the work of the company.
  • Consolidate relations between workers to achieve a good working environment.
  • Improve interpersonal and interdepartmental communication.
  • They encourage creativity and brainstorming moments.

zonas comunes lexington

“Team spirit is what gives many companies an advantage over their competitors.”

George Clements


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