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Renew or die: at this crossroads are many companies that need a rebranding in order to update, adapt to the new times and get a favorable change in the opinion of their customers.

Today, we wanted to dive a bit more into the idea of what a rebranding is and when and how it is best to shake your company’s corporate identity. What’s more, we’ll examine in full detail our latest rebranding in Lexington. But first, it is important to know what a company’s corporate image truly is.

The corporate image… what does it mean, exactly?

The corporate image of a company is the general perception a user has on a certain brand. It is born through the products they sell, the services they offer and their communication strategies: this means that the corporate image is what a company has to offer to their public, their clients and to society.

But, careful, we usually mix the concept of corporate image with corporate identity. They may sound similar, but there is a big difference between them. The corporate identity is what the company wants to instil on people, their personality, their visuals and look&feel; whereas the company image is what the public perceives.

¿Cuándo hacer un rebranding?

Once we are clear on the concept of corporate image, when would be the best time to start the process of rebranding? Listen closely, because if you are in one of these four scenarios, it’s time you go for it!

1. You need to make a difference against competitors

In order to survive the demands of the market or the trends marked by competition, you need to differentiate yourself from it. So, dare to show a renewed, updated and more striking corporate image. But how should you do it? First of all, you must define a unique and exclusive value proposition that matters to your buyer persona and gets their attention, so …go for it!

2. Does your Company have a bad image?

If you have just experienced a business crisis or there is a negative conception around your brand, rebranding can be one of the options that helps you to get afloat.

Need a tip? If you change the image, it is advisable to also change the business strategy, since it is not worth it to change the ‘facade’ of the brand without a substantial change in its behavior, go ahead!

3. Business blockage

If your Company is block, sales do not increase and your client´s opinion will be the same that at the beginning. In that case, something is wrong and it is time that you bet on a rebranding. You will reposition your brand and your reputation will start from zero. Take advantage of this opportunity!

4. Your corporate image needs to evolve

The market evolves and the tastes and also perceptions of consumers. If your company does not adapt to it, it will simply fail. Avoid it with the rebranding and adapt the image of your company without losing its essence, bet on this great little change!

Rebranding a brand without any reason it can be more harmful than beneficial

How to do a rebranding? Our case study:

Recently, we have decided to turn things around in Lexington with a brand transformation, a much-needed metamorphosis with a very clear goal: to (re)born and to boost our #RebelDNA.

We felt this 2021 was the perfect moment to take the plunge, after an atypical year full of changes and uncertainty. Thanks to this rebranding, we were able to bring our best in Lexington and in everyone part of this adventure: Lexington has recovered its true essence and finally showcased its origins, those that made us pioneers on flexible offices 40 years ago.

In Lexington, we’ve never settled for easy. We go further, far from the ordinary, constantly looking for new challenges and overcoming any difficulty ahead of us. Our main goal has always been offering our clients unique experiences in their workspaces.

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There lies our rebel and non-conformist brand personality so each of our flex spaces can rely on our #RebelDNA:

> #RebelDNA is who we are: the soul of a perfect hostess, close to our clients and committed to the society, to the environment. Above all, to you.

> #RebelDNA is what we do: we connect creative and brave individuals, rebels like us, in what we call the territory of the exceptional.

> #RebelDNA is how we look: it’s our newest and singular rebel look&feel, powerful and different, capable of conveying our values perfectly. Hence, new logo and new colours! This new haircut brings us even closer to the rebel, don’t you think?

Know more about our fresh rebrandin here.

If you have decided or you are thinking of doing a brand rebranding, you must take into account that it is not only a corporate image change, but also involves reviewing the company’s philosophy, values and business strategy. So, if you want to do it you must support yourself in a reason / situation like the ones mentioned above. Doing it without a clear motivation can be more harmful than beneficial.

“The person who is not willing to lose everything, is not prepared to gain anything”

Facundo Cabral



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