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Going to summits and fairs related to your professional activity is essential to make networking and, thus, to open markets your business, and also to increase your commercial acquaintances. But, can you imagine meeting professionals from all over the world without having to go anywhere? LinkedIn was born as a solution for these needs: it is a professional network, which creates connections between millions of companies and professionals from all over the world. LinkedIn hosts over 450 million registered users.

Despite these figures, there are still people who do not know how it works and how to get the best out of it. From Lexington workspace we are giving some advice on how to use LinkedIn to improve efficiently your connections in order to achieve an active networking, take note!

1. A complete profile

You want to increase you contact-network, but you do not have created a profile yet,.. What are you waiting for? Choose a good picture; fill up your professional experience: qualifications, languages, education and job positions, give special attention on the part called “extract”, as that it is your cover letter. With dedication… you will achieve the “eminence” level!

2. Connecting to new users

When connecting to new professional profiles it is essential to know that on LinkedIn it is not quantity, but quality that counts.  So, search for users who contribute to create an extra value you your network or to those you can learn from.

3. Publish content

Update your profile daily with interesting contents, which will always add value. That way, you will not only be giving visibility to your profile but also both, Linkedin and your contacts, will appreciate your activity.

4. Get to know the LION

Linkedin Open Networking holds the key for the development of your network, as they will help you to make networking.  We are talking about profiles which act as connectors to help you to take part in the dialogue offered on that network.

5. Join discussion groups

Do not pretend to join every group you find, only join those that may bring value to your profile/business. You will be able to express your concerns and learn from the issues raised by others.

6. Interact with your contacts

Updating your profile and taking part in discussion-groups does not mean that you are taking the best advantage from Linkedin, you will also have to interact continually with your contacts. How? Comment and recommend their posts both in their personal profiles and in groups so you can reach many professionals in order to  establish synergies.

“Networking is an essential part of building wealth.”

Armstrong Williams


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