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Networking is the key to make known and expand your business as well as to broaden the network of contacts, and the best places to do it are fairs, conventions and events related to its field.

Expand your business and broaden the contacts making networking in fairs and conventions

So that, as a professional and business leader or entrepreneur it is essential to show yourself in these events in order to: increase your knowledge, know different expert’s points of view, share your experiences, gain first-hand knowledge of the latest news about products or services and activate the search of new business opportunities, partners or potential clients.

For this reason, in  Lexington we tell you about four of the most important international business fairs that you should not miss if you want to focus your strategy on networking:

1. World Business Forum

This international congress organized by World Of Business Ideas, is held every year in different cities of America, Europe and Asia and brings together thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, artists and sport people during two days to learn and be inspired by some of the most influential people from business world.

2. Expo Real Munich

This International Industrial Commercial and Business Exposition is held every year in Munich and is aimed at property developers,  advisers, banks, investors, responsible for  expansion, cities and economic regions interested in knowing the latest news and trends in the sector.

3. Salon SME

SME is a fair held in the French capital every year and aimed at entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs who want to know how to create a business. Furthermore, in this event they will be able to get information and be trained through 200 conferences, 180 expositors and 500 experts in entrepreneurship.

4. Experience TNW Conference

It is a yearly meeting point for more than 20.000 professionals and leaders from technology and venture capital worlds as well as businessmen.  Thus, it represents a great opportunity to learn, listen and get to know first-hand the best professionals in the sector.

“El networking is an essential part of building wealth.”

Armstrong Williams


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