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Have you heard about it but you still don’t know what a business center exactly is? Don’t worry about that, you are on the right blog. A business center is a workspace where professionals can hire all the necessary services to carry out their activities in a successful way.

The initial expenses for a company are 84% lower in a business center, according to a study by consultancy firm Valfin

Business Centers are becoming a trend thanks to an easy and efficient idea: having in mind the needs, requirements, and motivations of companies and employees nowadays.

Renting a workspace in a business center: What are the advantages?

Renting an office in a business center is a choice made by more and more companies every day due to the advantages these workspaces have for their businesses. Do you want to know the benefits for yours?

Have the chance to network

A business center is perfect for creating synergies with other companies  located in the same place. Developing these relationships properly may lead to new clients, suppliers or collaborators.

Save time

It will allow you to settle in your new office in record time. Forget about wasting time on endless arrangements. Thetrend is renting a fully equipped workspace from the very first day, with everything you need and… forget about any concern!

Reduce expenses

Once you start working at a business center, you will see how economical it is for your company. Recurring expenses such as Internet, supplies, maintenance, cleaning, handling of phone calls or business address are already included in your monthly rent. Have you already thought about what to do with the money you are going to save every month? ;

Give a professional image

These workspaces are located in strategic spots and have very attractive architecture and allocate of space.  This will let you give a good impression to your clients, generating trust and security. When you make an appointment, you may worry about many things, as is normal, but you will always be sure that it will take place in a space which will meet the attendants’ needs.

Take advantage of their flexibility

Do you want to be located in an office for a long time or only for a few months? Any option is valid. Is your company likely to grow progressively? Perfect. Do you prefer a meeting room or a conference room only for a few hours? Go ahead! This flexibility is much appreciated by professionals, who will be grateful to work in a place which meets their needs.

Fall in love with Little details

A business center is much more than a workspace, as you will find many details and special corners that will make your day more pleasant. Colorful areas, inspiring places to work in teams, soundproof phone cabins, a wide range of coffees, wellness activities or the latest technological innovations.

Differences between  business center and coworking

Mixing up the terms of business center and coworking is very common. The key to differentiate them is having in mind that the philosophy of coworking spaces is cooperating and collaborating mutually inside a shared space. On the other hand, business centers combine private spaces and common areas, so their users are free to decide how much they can collaborate.Do you already know how a business center can contribute to your business? You may want to know the services offered by Lexington workspaces: renting meeting and training rooms, offices and videoconferences. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

“Success is not only about special qualities, it is about constancy, method and organization

Victor Hugo

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