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We could define a business centre as a physical workspace where professionals can both go on with their working day, and also find all those extra services and the necessary support they need for their daily routine.

Business centres keep growing strong nowadays, little by little, thanks to their simplicity and efficiency:having in mind the needs, requirements, and motivations of companies and employees nowadays.

Learn more about what a business centre is and the differences among them, coworking spaces and flexible spaces.

Renting a workspace in a business centres: What are the advantages?

Business centres as the primary option is a resource more and more companies are going for every day. Benefits for both the company and their teams are no longer a secret when it comes to this type of workspaces.

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> Have the chance to network

A business centre is the perfect place to develop synergies with other companies working in the same spot as you. Well established relationships as such could translate into new possible clients or collaboration agreements. Who knows?

> Time

The business centre will allow you to be located in record time. Forget about wasting time on endless arrangements. Thetrend is renting a fully equipped workspace from the very first day, with everything you need and… forget about any concern!

> Reduce expenses

Once you start working at a business center, you will see how economical it is for your company. Recurring expenses such as Internet, supplies, maintenance, cleaning, handling of phone calls or business address are already included in your monthly rent. Have you already thought about what to do with the money you are going to save every month? ;

> Give a professional image

These business centres are usually located at strategic points and have very attractive architecture and allocate of space.  This will let you give a good impression to your clients, generating trust and security. When you make an appointment, you may worry about many things, as is normal, but you will always be sure that it will take place that will meet all the possible expectations

> Take advantage of their flexibility

Do you want to be located in an office for a long time or only for a few months? Any option is valid. Is your company likely to grow progressively? Perfect. Do you prefer a meeting room or a conference room only for a few hours? Go ahead! This flexibility is much appreciated by professionals, who will be grateful to work in a place which meets their needs.

> Values privacy

The confidentiality and privacy your company needs are both essential for the business centre. That is the reason why most of its space is focused on private offices, meeting rooms or soundproof phonebooths. In essence, environments far away from any distraction!

> Find every service you need

The concept of business centre is beyond a simple workspace, just because it will also provide you with all the assistance your day needs! Office support, call and courier handling, hotel reservations, office supplies… All within your reach!

So, we know now what is the main goal of the business centre. But, what is the difference between them and a coworking space? And, what about a flex space? Let’s find out more!

Differences between  business center and coworking

Mixing up the terms of business center and coworking spaces is very common. The key to differentiate them is having in mind that the philosophy of coworking spaces is cooperating and collaborating mutually inside a shared space. Business centres on their part are able to mix the privacy of your own office with cohabitating around common areas, but always putting private locations first. Users are free to decide whether they feel like socializing or not.

So… what about flexible workspaces, then?

Now that we are clear on what a business centre is and how a coworking works, let’s add one more. One that is increasingly growing stronger and more solid since the pandemic came to our lives: flex offices or flex workspaces. These are a combination of the previous two we mentioned, mixing together different work models and formulas so as to bring their customers the best solutions possible, 100% tailor-made after their own requirements and customisable considering their business’ pace.

In Lexington, we see ourselves mostly in this category since our spaces aim to offer a flexible solution where private offices would happily live together with collaborative environments, encouraging interaction. All added to their premium locations and their avant-garde design, thought to boost your team’s talent and creativity.

Besides, due to the current situation the world is going through, flex spaces are now considered the best alternative because they stand up for a hybrid formula, combining teleworking with on-site working together. If you want to know more on how to implement this in your company, check this post where we tell you more about it!

This flex space concept allows us to create totally customisable offices with every privacy guarantee and permanent support (as a business centre would do), with common spaces where you can get away from work, find your new inspiration or work at you own pace (as a coworking would do) and, above all, it will make possible for us to kick off new safe and flexible solutions so you can choose the formula, duration and the use you want to give to your workspace at the moment (as Lexington would do ;)).

Are you clear now on how a business centre, a coworking and a flex space can benefit your company? Anything else you need to know? Leave your question down below in the comments and we’ll get to work right away!

“Success is not only about special qualities, it is about constancy, method and organization

Victor Hugo


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