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We always make excuses to answer the question of: ¿why don´t you exercise? The most commonly used is: because I don´t have time.Sometimes it is true that the day –to- day work, with its eight hours of work and its infinite chores, leaves us only a small margin to spend exercising our body (in others they are rather an excuse); but this is compounded if your job requires sitting in front of a computer, as it could lead to some problems in the future. So, let´s see what exercise we can do in the office to strengthen the muscles.

Tell me how you feel and I´ll tell you how to improve your posture.

In our day –to day we spend about six hours sitting in the workplace and the best thing you can do to counter it is to have  a correct posture, in this way you will avoid certain long – term aches and diseases.You must occupy all the available seats, keep the trunk upright, your shoulders as far back as possible and the column straight, resting it on the back of the chair. In addition, the legs must be positioned slightly forward, resting on the footrest and with the feet at right angles to the leg. The rested arms forming an angle of 90º between arm and forearm. Finally, relax your hands.

We´ll start office day by exercising the cervicals

An exercise in the office that can come in handy for your daily routine is to exercise the cervicals, because these cause many headaches after a day at workHere, some advisable guidelines:

  • Slowly turn your head to one side and the other, stop for one second and repeat it five more times.
  • Tilt your head slowly, as if you want your ear to touch your shoulder, to one side and to the other. Stop for a few seconds and repeat it five times.
  • Move your head down, with the direction of your look towards the chest, then the same, but upwards, performing a head extension. Stop and repeat it five times.
  • Circle with your shoulders forward and backward. Stop and repeat it: Raise your shoulders up and then down, stop and repeat it.

Exercising cervicals in your daily routine avoids headaches when you get home

First stop for lunch: exercises in the office for arms

After a few hours sitting, it´s lunchtime, but first we are going to do an easy arm exercise.Yes, train your arms is very important in your daily routine, because even if you think they are always rested on the table, this position really weakness them, especially when it´s for so many hours.

  • Place your arms in a 90º position on the table with your palms down, make a small downward pressure as if you wanted to lean on the table to get up. Count 20. Now let´s do the same office exercise but with your arms under the table as if, you want to lift the table, keep the pressure for 20 seconds.

The day is over so move your buttocks

As you´ve seen after a day at work (about eight hours) of which a third of a half  you´ve sat it down when you try to get up your legs and buttocks tell you : uh, but how many hours have we been sleeping?

Obviously, the best thing would be that during that time you´re working, you take every hour to get up from the chair and go for a walk, even if it´s at your table. It´s the best option to prevent your buttock and legs muscles from weakening, causing you to have hip pains in the future. If for greater causes or forgetfulness you have not stopped to stand up and take that light walk, we are going to see a buttock exercise while answering important mails or training your memory, you exercise those muscles.

  • For the buttock a super simple exercise is, with the back in a straight position, contract the muscle a few seconds and release.  un ejercicio en la oficina súper sencillo es, con la espalda en posición recta, contraer el músculo unos segundos y soltar. Repeat it  from time to time.
  • For the legs, we will lift both until they are in parallel with our hip and we will last a few seconds. We will slowly lower them and repeat the exercise in the office a couple more times. With this movement we not only move our legs, but we are also improving circulation.

With these exercises you can improve your muscles, but you can also relax in the office with these simple steps.In short, it is important that you apply in your day to day some exercises in the office and that you try to prioritize your personal well- being.

“Motivation drives us to start and the habit allows us to continue”

Jim Ryun


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