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One of the great problems faced by entrepeneurs is funding. Communication is necessary to command the confidence of investors for the success of a Business.

In this respect, you should take advantage of any situation to making a presentation to attract the interest of the investors. Also known as “Elevator Pitch”, your presentation should convey your Business idea in a hypothetical meeting in an elevator. Here are some tips to prepare:

1. Brief and concise explanation of your Project. In a few words the Business model and its main features should be clear. In about three minutes you should be able to summarize your idea, so you have to synthesize the maximum and transmit passion.

2. Personal experience. Knowing the person behind a Project may result enlightening to the investor, beyond/further than figures. It is advisable to explain concisely labor needs and ambitions, and, ultimately, your personal experience.

3. Goals and needs. The investor wants to have a clear idea about his role in your Project, that is the reason why it is necessary to know your goal, as well as the requirements to attain it.

4. What your target audience is. Establish the market that your company is heading will help the investor to trust your bet. You must show him that you know the industry and your competitors, as well as the place that your company will take.

5. Get/Achieve a following meeting. In this case, “Elevator pitch” target is not to obtain funding, but to attract the interest of your potential investor, in order to explain in detail your Project, in a more formal meeting. This is why it is necessary to establish a following meeting in which you can introduce your plan of action, explain the financial estimation, a market analysis, available resources, work team, suppliers…

Enthusiasm and confidence in yourself and in your Project are key to success, so you should be ready and take every opportunity. Once the meeting had concreted, choose a suitable place.In Lexington you have at your disposal meeting rooms and conference rooms with several measurements and property equipment. Furthermore, you will have a professional’s team that will help you make your meeting a success.

The future has many names: for the weak it is the unattainable; for the cowards, it is the unknown; for the braves, it is the chance”.

Víctor Hugo.


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