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María Elipe

The opinion of the clients is the most valuable information that an entrepreneur seeks to know in order to improve all the aspects within in a company or startup. To do this, the best way to get to this information is by doing a good customer satisfaction survey.So, attentive because in this post we will reveal the steps you should take into account to know how to do a good customer satisfaction survey, take note!

Knowing first-hand the opinion of customers is key to the success of any company

 ➡ 5 Steps to make a good customer satisfaction survey

There are several points that we must pay attention to before conducting a good survey of satisfaction, and among which we highlight these:

1. What are your goals?

Define the objectives you pursue with the satisfaction survey. It is clear that you want to know the opinion of the customer, but prepare the questions looking beyond. In other words, try to get answers to: Your satisfaction with the service or product, how it is your relationship with the company, if there is any problem when acquiring the product or service, etc.

2. Get a representative and quality sample 

Correctly define the goal of the action and segment the data. To do this, we will analyse what data we have of our clients, to define the selected profile accurately.Also try to collect a good sample (significant representation of the characteristics of a population) in order to achieve greater and better results.

3. Define the types of surveys available:

Define how you’re going to want to measure the results. In this sense, you should know that there are different ways to orientate the survey, among which we emphasize these:

  • Assessment: for example, you can ask them to evaluate the access to a product or service from 1 as “very accessible” to 5 “very inaccessible”.
  • Expectations: What the client expects from the service, he should indicate whether his level of expectation is being met or if it’s unacceptable.
  • Importance: Determine the relevance of certain aspects for the client (ask to classify the concepts in order of importance).

4. Channels, timing and budget:

It is key that you investigate through which channel you will make your satisfaction surveys reach your customers, which channel will be the fastest and most effective. In addition, define the timescale that said survey will last and the budget that you will allocate for the realization of survey.

5. Preparing the Survey:

Once we have all of the above in mind and perfectly defined, it is time to start preparing   the questionnaire, for which we must define the structure and order. We propose the following:

  • Introductory questions to ‘break the ice’.
  • Questions about competitors.
  • Open questions about the products and / or services.
  • Closed questions (of importance).
  • Closed questions (assessment and expectations).
  • Open question (proposal for improvement).

Finally, you should know that the periodic elaboration of satisfaction surveys is one of the most effective actions for customer loyalty. So, work this aspect on a recurring basis and keep the focus on the total satisfaction of them, the customers.

Your most dissatisfied client is your best source of learning

 Bill Gates


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